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TV anime "New Sakura Taisen the Animation"


Information on the new Hankeg Corps "Mosska Hankegan" appearing in the TV anime "New Sakura Taisen the Animation" scheduled to be broadcast from April 2020 has been released. Comments from voice actors and staff also arrived.

"New Sakura Taisen the Animation" is an animated version of the action adventure "New Sakura Taisen" for PlayStation 4 released in December 2019. The story of the new battle of "Imperial Hanagumi-Hanagumi" centered on the main character, Sakura Amamiya.

In this work, the director is Manabu Ono, and the series composition is Mr. Ono and Mr. Tatsuhiko Uratahat. Sanjigen is in charge of animation production.

⇒ Animation of PS4 game "New Sakura Wars" is decided! `` New Sakura Wars the Animation '' will be broadcast in 2020!


The members of the "Mosska (Moscow) Hug Team" appearing in this work and the cast and staff comments have arrived, so let me introduce them together.

■ Clara (CV: Misaki Watada) ... The only survivor of the "Mossika Huagyudan"

<The role of Clara / Misaki Watada's comment> It is Misaki Watada
who will be in charge of the role of Clara in "New Sakura Wars the Animation"! It appeared in the sequel to that "Sakura Wars", and when it was decided, we shared joy with the staff of the office and wept ...! Girl Clara suddenly appears in front of Sakura who was taken by Captain Kamiyama. What kind of story is waiting for Hanagumi, and also pay attention to wonderful songs ...! Whether you are a first-time fan or a first-time player of the New Sakura Wars game, thank you for watching the TV anime, New Sakura Wars the Animation!

■ Valery Kaminski (CV: Kenji Akabane) …… Captain of the reborn “Mossika Huagyudan”

<The role of Valerie Kaminski / Kenji Akabane>
This time, I will play the role of Valerie Kaminski, the captain of the Mogishika Hug. When I saw “Sakura Wars Activity Photographs” during my school days, I came across a lot of things about “Sakura Wars” and the future of becoming a captain is coming! Full of shock and joy. Kaminsky is a gentleman. I feel a bit weird (laughs), but I would like games and animations!

■ Leila (CV: Haruka Shiraishi) ... A mysterious girl who follows Kaminsky

<The role of Layla / Haruka Shiraishi>
Leila, which I played, struggled and struggled with something, but it was very painful, and it was difficult to express the feeling of shaking. I think that it is a character that keeps an eye on as the story progresses, so please pay attention! Is Laila's choice really? Look forward to the broadcast! !

■ Mika Pikazo's comment (Character design for
“Mosika Huagdan” ) I'm Mika Pikazo, who was in charge of character design for “Mosika Huagdan”. For myself, when I first learned about Sakura Wars as a student, it was widely known as a legendary game in the world, overwhelmed by its enthusiastic excitement, cuteness of character design, and cuteness of many songs Had been The characters of the "Mossika Huagyudan" appearing in "New Sakura Wars" are all characters carrying light and shadows that can not be described in a single word, each person is full of thoughts for something and shows it suddenly An attractive character that makes the expression feel a backbone. I designed it while thinking about how to express such characters. I'm really looking forward to seeing how I can get involved with the protagonists and what kind of thoughts I will hit.

■ Mika Akitaka's comment (Moshika Hankadan Reiko fighter "Ekaterina" mechanic design charge)
We have designed a new model of TV anime version from PS4 game.
This is the first machine in the series, which is the exclusive model of the Mogasina Huagyudan, but there is a desire from Director Ono to give it a bird-like image. Thank you for "New Sakura Wars the Animation"!

■ Comment from Gaku Ono
This time, I am glad to be able to play a part in the new start of the historic title "Sakura Wars", and I feel great pressure. However, at the meeting with the game version of the "New Sakura Wars" team, I felt the love of Sega everyone's passionate "Sakura Wars", and the "Sakura Wars" love grew in myself. Speaking of "Sakura Wars", hot battle, friendship, and love. The core is a hot-blooded drama while there are comical scenes. I would like to express the fun of "Sakura Wars" in anime as well. Then look forward to the April broadcast!

[Outline of the animation]
■ "New Sakura Wars the Animation"
Director: Manabu Ono
Series composition: Manabu Ono, Tatsuhiko Urahata
Music: Kohei Tanaka
Animation Production: Sanjigen
Original work: Oji Hiroi, Sega Games
Cast: Ayane Sakura, Mayu Uchida, Hibiki Yamamura , Ayaka Fukuhara, Saori Hayami, Yohei Azami, Michie Tomizawa, Misaki Watada, Haruka Shiraishi, Kenji Akabane

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