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Mach Patrol of "Die Turn 3" becomes a heavy die-cast figure! Perfectly recreated gimmicks!


The machine "Mach Patrol" that appeared in the previous year's anime "Invincible Steelman Daiturn 3" is a heavy and heavy diecast figure! On February 15, 2020, it was decided to be released by Zoubou Kobo Junrin.

"Mach Patrol", which was commercialized this time, is the first product in the die cast series released by the sculptor Kobo Junrin. The heavy weight is attractive because it is made of die-cast.
Furthermore, the deformation gimmick and missile launch gimmick to the flight form “Mach Attacker” are perfectly reproduced.
It has a carefully selected finish and will surely bring back memories from the anime broadcast!




It will be sold at all jungle stores nationwide, so please get it!

【Product Info】

■ JUNGLE Diecast Series Mach / Patrol
・ Manufacturer name:
Junrin ・ Price: 30,580 yen (tax included)
・ Release date: February 15, 2020
・ Release method: Sold at each jungle store nationwide ・ Settings: Diecast
, deformed It is a toy equipped with a missile launch gimmick.

・ Specifications: Die-cast (partly PVC)
・ Size: Mach ・ Patrol Height: approx. 50mm ・ Overall length: approx. 200mm, Mach Attacker Height: approx. 60mm ・ Overall length: approx. 230mm

・ Contact: Sales Inquiries Jungle stores https://jungle-scs.co.jp/
・ Product Inquiries: Zoukei Kobo Junrin Junrin info@mitsurinstudios.com

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