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Boogie pop does not laugh (Japanese anime)


"Boogie Pop Doesn't Laugh" is a legendary light novel by Kohei Ueno, whose first work was published in Dengeki Bunko in 1998. This work, which has been silent since the anime version of the episodic story "Boogiepop Phanto Boogie Pop Phanto" was broadcast in the winter of 2000, will be newly animated in the winter of 2019, the 20th anniversary. The protagonist, Miyashita Fujihana, is usually a normal schoolgirl, but as the "world crisis" approaches, the character of Shinigami / boogie pop "emits". An action fantasy work centered on boogie pop, where rumors are whispered that "When the person is the most beautiful, kill it before it gets uglier." The director is Shingo Natsume who worked on "One Punch Man", the series composition and screenplay is also Tomohiro Suzuki who was also involved in "One Punch Man", and animation production is in charge of Mad House.

Start time:Winter 2019On-air date:January 4, 2019-March 29, 2019
Production company:Mad HouseGenre:Fantasy / Action

Voice actor: Aoki Yuki , Saori Onishi , Rena Kondo , Chiaki Kobayashi , Shimoji Shimoji , Ayaka Suwa , Junya Enoki , Ao Ichikawa , Ayana Taketatsu , Yuki Miyata , Taku Yatsushiro , Kana Ichinose , Yoshimasa Hosoya , Yoshiaki Hasegawa , Kana Asumi , Yoji Ueda , Kana Hanazawa

staff: Director: Natsume Shingo, Vice Director: Yosuke Hatta, series configuration and leg this: Suzuki Satoshihiro, character design: Hidehiko Sawada, Chief Animation Director:筱雅law / Kei Tsuchiya, Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda / Yukiko Maruyama, color design: Ken Hashimoto, 3DCG Director: Shigenori Hirozumi, Cinematographer: Akane Fushihara, Editor: Yoshiko Kimura, Sound Director: Shoji Hata, Music: Kensuke Ushio, Music Production: KADOKAWA Close

Keiji Takeda was waiting for his lover, a younger student of the same school, Fujihana Miyashita. However, after the appointment time has passed, she does not appear and she cannot communicate. As the sun begins to set, the appearance of a man walking with tears in the sight of Takeda who gives up and tries to return is reflected. A strange person rushes to the man when Takeda himself and the people around him decide to take care of the unusual man. A strange person dressed in a large cloak and wearing a strange hat. Sole has the same face as Miyashita Fujihana, who is just waiting for Takeda.

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