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TV anime "Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE"


Broadcast information of TV anime "Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE" was announced, and the key visual and the second teaser PV were released.

AT-X Every Monday from April 6 22:00-
TOKYO MX Every Monday from April 6 22:30-
BS11 Every Monday from April 23:00-
MBS Every Tuesday from April 7 26:30 ~

In addition to Prince of Darkness and King of Light Iris, the main characters such as Pheos and Adel are depicted.

There are plenty of premier scenes, such as battle scenes that image character voices and in-game action skills.

The opening theme is Takanori Nishikawa and ASCA, and the ending theme is Rei Yasuda.

 What is the TV anime "Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE"?
The story of the original staff who was completely supervised based on "Zero Chronicle-The Sin of the Beginning" of the 3D action RPG "Kuroneko Project" for smartphones of Colopla. Director and scriptwriter Masato Jimbo, character design by Yosuke Okuda, music by Taku Iwasaki, animation production by project No.9.


Long ago, there was a white kingdom in the heavens and a black kingdom on the earth, circulating in equilibrium. But one time, a mighty dark king appears. While the Dark King invades the White Kingdom, he offers a covenant to ward off the unsightly Bur. Iris, the king of light, joined hands in believing that the messenger Adel wanted a "balance". Even after being attacked by Adele, Iris trusts the prince of the darkness who slashed Adele and promises to bring a peaceful world together. But their promises are trampled by the king of darkness. A black king who wants to destroy everything, not only white but also black. The Prince of Darkness notices this and mourns at the bottom of the earth, then gains the power to run to heaven and heads for Iris. One world has come to an end when the prince of darkness slays the army of darkness and the prince of darkness reaches out to Iris.

Yuki Kaji plays the role of Prince of Darkness, Yui Horie plays the role of Iris of Light , Shogo Batori plays the role of Phyos, Chise Nakamura plays the role of Cima, Takuya Iwata plays the role of Theo, Kennori Matsui plays the role of Arantia, Katsuyuki Miura plays Varuas, Rina Nagisa plays Groza, Atsuyoshi Miyazaki plays Skiers, Kengo Takanashi plays Adele, Susumu Akagi plays King of Darkness, and Shozo Iizuka plays Barr.

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