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The cast and event information has been lifted from the new project "When Higurashi is out"!


Information on casts and events has been released from the new anime project "Higurashi no Chiraku".

 Higurashi no Circa '' was first announced as a doujin game in 2002, and the fun of mystery solving and the charm of bizarre scenarios spread by word of mouth, porting to consumer game machines, comicalization, animation, live-action movie It is a huge hit that is developing various media such as being staged.

⇒ A new project has been launched when "Higurashi is out!" Teaser Visual & PV is lifted !!

As previously reported, a new project of "Higurashi no Circa" has started, but the cast information and event information of the new animation have been released recently.

The cast will continue to be led by Soichiro Hoshi as the main character Keiichi Maehara and Mai Nakahara as Lena Ryumiya, a classmate.

Also, at the MOON YELLOW stage (14: 20-14: 50) of Japan's largest anime event "AnimeJapan2020" to be held on March 21, 2020, a stage event of " Higurashi no Circa" will be held. It has also been decided that it will be held. The event will feature Soichiro Hoshi, Mai Nakahara, and the original author, Dragon Knight 07. It is likely that new details will be announced here.

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