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TV anime "Heterogeneous Reviewers" will be participating in "Wonder Festival 2020


"Heterogeneous Reviewers" currently being broadcast on TV anime has decided to participate in "Wonder Festival 2020", which will be held at Makuhari Messe on Sunday, February 9, 2020. There will be a figure display of the popular character "Aloe" and an aloe cosplay by cosplayer Miki Ringo. In addition, a collaborative cafe for “Heterogeneous Reviewers” ​​has been decided.

"Heterogeneous Reviewers" is a TV anime based on a popular comic serialized in Nico Nico Manga "Doradora Sha #". Set in a world where a wide variety of races live, including elves, beastmen, demons and angels, go to a muff-heavy shop run by heterogeneous daughters and thoroughly review all of their services.

Directed by Yuki Ogawa. Makoto Uno of "RAIL WARS!" Character design and Kazuyuki Kazuyasu of the series composition, "Passione" is in charge of animation production.

⇒ TV anime “Heterogeneous Reviewers” ​​being broadcasted, Episode 2 synopsis & preceding cut released!


Wonder Festival participation decision!

At the “KADOKAWA Dengeki Hobby Web” booth (Hall 1-c.) Of “Wonder Festival 2020”, the “Aloe Original Figure” attached to “Heterogeneous Reviewers Limited Edition Blu-ray Volume 1” will be exhibited. In addition, cosplayer Miki Ringo appears in the cosplay of "Aloe"! In addition, there will be a "Original Aloe Monosashi" distribution event.


Aloe episode 2 appearance scene


Aloe original figure


Apple Miki


Original aloe dish


[Outline of the event]
■ "Wonder Festival 2020"
Date: February 9, 2020
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall Halls 1 to 8
Original Aloe monosashi distribution event Time:
 1st : 12:00 to
 2nd : 14: 30-
* Distribution will end as soon as the "original aloe stuffer" is gone.
Cosplay photo session holding time:
 1st time: 13
 :00-2nd time: 15:30-
* Numbered tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Each time capacity 40 people.
Cosplay photo session ticket distribution:
 1st time: 11
 :30-2nd time: 14:00-


Machi ★ Asobi Cafe will be holding a collaboration cafe for “Heterogeneous Reviewers”!

Furthermore, in commemoration of the TV animation of "Heterogeneous Reviewers", it has been decided that a collaboration cafe will be held at "Machi Asobi Cafe" from Tuesday, January 28, 2020. There are collaborative foods and collaborative drinks inspired by this work, and when you order food, you will get an A3 placemat, and when you order a drink, you will get a coaster.

■ Collaborative food and drinks (all excluding tax)


Monocular Omurice at Monocular Club (Price: 1,100 yen)


Thick flanks of crim (price: 1,500 yen)


Milky cafe at a milk ranch (price: 556 yen)


Honey ale (price 556 yen)


Mysterious light (price: 556 yen)


■ Collaboration Cafe for “Heterogeneous Reviewers”
Duration: Tuesday, January 28, 2020-Sunday, February 16, 2020
Venue: Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Tokyo, Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Osaka, Machi ★ Asobi CAFE Nagoya, gusset ★ Asobi CAFE Meishan, gusset ★ Asobi CAFE Kitakyushu Please check the official website for
details .

[Work information]
■ TV animation "Heterogeneous Reviewers"

<Broadcasting station>
-AT-X: Every Saturday 23:00-
 Repeat broadcast every Sunday 26:00-/ Every Tuesday 15:00-/ Every Friday 7:00
-TOKYO MX: Every Saturday 25:30 ...
· KBS Kyoto: 1 every Sunday 26:10
-Sun TV: every Wednesday 26:00-
· BS11: every Saturday 25:30-

<Distribution site normal ver.>
-D Anime store: every Saturday 23:00 30
min.-Niconico: Every Saturday 23:30-
<Distribution site back option Ver.>
-D Anime store: From January 17 (Fri) Every Friday 23:30--
niconico: January 17 (Fri) ) From Friday every Friday 23:30 ...

<Outline of the work> A
series of Nico Nico Manga's "Doradora Sha #" is now very popular! A super-dangerous, fantastic comedy in many ways is decided to be a long-awaited TV animation! Set in a world where a variety of races such as elves, beastmen, demons and angels live, go to a muffy shop run by heterogeneous girls and cross-review all of their services! If you look at this, you will surely find a girl who is perfect for you!

is a world where not only humans but also elves, beastmen, demons and angels are mixed and live in all kinds of different races .
There are, of course, lewd shops of all kinds of races ...
One day, a human adventurer, Stank, who goes to a shop that offers a humorous service, conflicts with a bad friend Elo Elf Zell one day due to differences in sensitivity (in a sexual sense) between races.
The way to settle is ... Miss Review !? The success of the Stanks who score the services of all heterogeneous daughters in a cross-review manner and provide it to other friends as "usefulness" information is exactly what Like a sex warrior!
The reviewers continue their journey today in search of new pleasures.

Stancu: Junji Majima
Zell: Kobayashi, Yusuke
Kulim Veil: Miyu Tomita
Kancharu: Kaede Yuasa
Meidori: M · A · O
Elma: Hyakudai Koyama
seen over: iso part Hana凜
Okupa: Mari Hino
Erudori: Rei Matsuzaki
aloe: Yoko Hikasa
Milky : Yuri Kato
Guinea: Yuka Nukai
Elsa: Makoto Koichi
Piltia: Shiori Izawa
Lorna: Takako Tanaka
Tear Plate: Natsumi Takamori
Mitsue: Anzu Yaoya

Original: Amahara / Drawing: masha ("Heterogeneous Reviewers" / KADOKAWA Published)
Director: Yukisuke OgawaDirector :
Takahiro MajimaSeries
Composition: Kazuyuki Brush
Character Design: Makoto
UnoArt Director: Takeshi Sekino (DIG)
Color Design: Ritsuko Utagawa
Director of Photography: Takamitsu Sera (
Tripad ) Editing: Akinori Mishima
Music: Kotone Naito
Acoustic Director: Hisashi Hirasawa
Sound Effects: Yasushi Inomata
Animation Production: Passione
Production: Heterogeneous Reviewers Production Committee

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