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TV anime "22/7" # 04


Synopsis and scenes of TV anime "22/7" # 04 "Flowers on promise" will be released on February 1 from TOKYO MX.

On 22/7, the first successful live was successfully received a new command from the "wall". "Successfully shoot gravure with 1000 cherry blossoms at a glance." Goda and his staff again responded to the reckless request from the "wall", and in a hurry the members of the magazine's cover gravure were decided and delighted. However, only the cherry blossoms were different. Cherry blossoms with a special feeling in "Ichimoku Senbonzakura". In his chest was a memory of his precious grandmother.

 TV animation "22/7" is
directed by Takao Abo, series composition is Reiji Miyajima and Chiaki Nagai, animation character design and animation director is Majiro, and animation director is Satomi Tamura and Akira Takada , Music is Masato Nakayama, production is A-1 Pictures.

One letter suddenly arrived at Takikawa Miu. He was selected as a member of the new project. When he went to the place written in the letter, he was convinced that there were seven girls who were also gathered. A huge confidential facility they saw. While at a loss, she is told:
"I will make you make a major debut as an idol unit." A
new idol that has never been born is born here-

animations also show the secret story of forming a group and the past of characters.

Kazu Saijo plays the role of Miu Takigawa, Sally Amagi plays the role of Sakura Fujima, Mizuho Kuraoka plays the role of Miyako Kono, Chiharu Hofu plays the role of Reika Sato, Ruri Umino plays the role of Jun Toda, and Kanae Shirasawa plays the role of Akane Maruyama Ayaka Tachikawa plays Reina Miyase and Nicole Saito plays Mei Hanakawa.

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