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“Slime was the case when reincarnated.”


Although the sequel was announced as starting in 2020, the TV animation `` It was a slime if reincarnated '', but the second phase will start broadcasting in the fall, held on January 26 `` Comics 14 volume limited edition included OAD Premier Screening ".

What is the TV anime "Slime was a reincarnation?"
Author: Dr. Fushise, Illustration: Light novel by Mitsuba-sensei. The director is Yasuhito Kikuchi, the assistant director is Atsushi Nakayama, the series composition is Kazuyuki Brush, the character design is Ryoma Ebata, the monster design is Takahiro Kishida, the music is Elements Garden, and animation production is Eight Bit.

Salaryman Satoshi Mikami was stabbed to death by death and reincarnated in another world. However, it was a slime! With a new slime life called Rimuru, various races are thrown out into this world where they are wandering, aiming to create a country where people of all nations can enjoy life! The protagonist, Limuru, encounters dragons with a variety of races, including goblins, dwarves and augers, and learns about the world. And it is the presence of the Demon King that waits before the humorous and sometimes serious story. Make the most of the skills that one slime has acquired, and increase your friends with wisdom and courage.

Mr. the Limuru role OkaSaki Miho, a large wise man role Megumi Toyoguchi, the Verudora role Tomoaki Maeno, the Shizu role Yumiri Hanamori 's, the Benimaru officer Makoto Furukawa, the main dish officers Ayaka Senbongi 's, Zion role M · a · O 's, the Souei Auditor Takuya Eguchi, the Hakurou role Yoshitada Otsuka, the Mirim role Rina Hidaka, Mr. Junichi Yanagida the Kurobee role, Mr. Chikahiro Kobayashi Ranga role, Kanehira Mr. Yamamoto, the Rigurudo role, Haruki Ishitani plays the role of Wriggle, Asuna Tomari plays the role of Gobuta, Atsushi Ax plays the role of Kaijin, Rie Tanaka plays the role of trainee , Takaya Hajime plays the role of Gazelle , Kenjiro Tsuda plays the role of Vesta, Kenji Narita plays the role of the fuse, Beruyado auditors Kaku Yamamoto, Kumada Akaneon's Ellen role, Mr. Ryuichi Kijima the Guido officers, Kengo Takanashi the Cabal role, Mikami the Satoruyaku Takuma Terashima -san, Mr. Minoru Aoyama the Myorumairu role, the Ramirisu role an Haruno N, the kaolin Officer Takumi Yasuaki 's, an organic role Natsuki Hanae -san, the Kenya officers Ayaka Asai 's, the Ryota role Shizuka Ishigami, san Gail role based on Sato, Alice role Haruka Shiraishi, Chloe roleAzusa Tadokoro plays.

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