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"My Hero Academia" 4th season


The TV anime "My Hero Academia" entered the new chapter "Cultural Festival" from the broadcast on January 25. A non-credit version of the new opening / ending video has been released.

The opening theme is KANA-BOON's “Star Marker”.

The ending theme is “Shout Baby” in a green-yellow society.

A world where humans with supernatural "individuality" are the norm. "Iku" Midoriya, a boy of "uniqueness" who met the longing No.1 hero alumite, commonly known as "Deku", found the qualities of a hero hidden in it, and from the almighty "oneness" one person Inherited For All. Deku entered a prestigious hero-produced Yuei High School, spending every day of his ordeal with his classmates aiming to become a “hero” who can save society and people with “individuality”.

Deku, who obtained a “Pro Hero License”, went to “Hero Internship” under Sir Knighteye, a former alumite partner (sidekick). Among them, Deku learns a terrible plan using a single girl, Eri, by a young overhaul of the designated enemy <Viran> group, Death Hachisaikai. In order to rescue the defeat, Deku formed a hero team with Tsukigata Mirio and other male and female classmates Teako, Kirikishima and Baiu-chan, and rushed to the hometown of Death and Confusion Hachisaikai. Defeated the overhaul at the end of the struggle and rescued the destruction. With great sacrifice-.

The season has fallen, and after completing the internship, Deku returns to normal school life. On the other hand, Kasari was rescued but could not make a smile yet. Deku swears to make her smile smile at the upcoming Yuei Cultural Festival! However, a disturbing shadow was approaching there ...!

Green valley Dehisa auditors Daiki Yamashita, through-shaped Mirio auditors tarusuke shingaki's, Mr. Kobayashi, the壊理role HoshiRan, the爆豪Katsumi Officer Nobuhiko Okamoto, the Urarabi tea child actor Ayane Sakura 's, Iida Ten哉The role of Kishihito Ishikawa , Yuki Kaji as Koyo Todoroki, Kei Shindo as Hibika Miro, Eri Kitamura as Mina Ashido , Toshiki Masuda as Eijiro Kirishima and Toshiki Masuga as Fumibuki Baiyu the Aoi Yūki 's, the 8,000,100 roles Marina Inoue, the Tokoyami踏陰Officer Yoshimasa Hosoya, electrical officer on ringing Yu Hatanaka, the heavens喰環role Uemura YuSho 's, a wave twist role Kiyono Anno , Kaori Sakurai as the starting point, Junichi Suwabe as Shota Aizawa , and Kenta Miyake as All Might .

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