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"Kabaya Foods Honehone Gerion 2nd EXP"


"Honehone Gerion", a collaboration product with the popular anime "Evangelion", launched in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the popular Kabaya food series "Honehone Zaurus". At first, many people were surprised by the unexpected collaboration, right? By the way, this lineup which becomes the second bullet,

・ Honehone Gerion first machine

・ Honehone Gerion Unit 2

・ First Unit Zaurus

・ Zel bone + Asuka (+ rifle + horn knife + horn sword)

4 species. Each is available in two versions, normal color (phosphorescent white) and another color, for a total of eight lineups. And, if you collect and assemble the special parts enclosed in each kit, you can complete "Mark 6 & Casius Hone"!

The box is larger than the first one, and the type (number) of the kit contained in the box can be seen through the window opened in the box, so you can collect all kinds without worrying about dubbing. Below is an introduction of each kit.

HoneHone Gerion's first machine (normal color). "Honetto Sword" that comes with Zell Hone + Asuka.

HoneHone Gerion No.2 (Another color). Zone Hone + Asuka comes with a "Honet Rifle" and a "Honey Glove Knife".

First unit Zaurus. With this product original character, you can play by transforming it into a humanoid.

"Zel Hone" and Asuka (another color) modeled on the strongest apostle Zeruel. The Zell Hone reproduces both the state where both arms are extended and the state where it is curled, and it is interesting because there are many movable parts. In addition to the fall prevention stand for both models, weapon parts for other kits are also included.

Mark 6 and "House of Casius" (another color). It will not be completed unless special parts are collected, so let's do our best to get 4 types!


There are still many ways to enjoy!

Normal colors are made of phosphorescent material, so that if they are exposed to light to some extent, they will shine even when it gets dark. If you display them in the dark together, you can enjoy a mysterious (eerie) power!

Mix freely and make your own characters! The possibilities are endless if you combine the existing Hone Hone Gerion parts and Hone Hone Zaurus parts!

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