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“22/7” BD 6 volumes to be released CM Miyako & Nicole ver. Episode 13 etc. as a privilege


Volumes 1 to 6 of BD / DVD of anime " 22/7 " will be released sequentially from March 25. "Mito & Nicole ver." Has been released following the release decision CM "Miu & Sakura ver."

Each volume contains two episodes. Volume 13 also includes episode 13 as a bonus.

Volume 1 includes a soundtrack, audio commentary and special event ticket priority sales application ticket (daytime section) as benefits. The event will be held on July 18 at Nakano Sun Plaza. Kazu Saijo, Sally Amagi, Mizuho Kuraoka, Chiharu Hofu, Ruri Umino, Kanae Shirasawa, Reina Miyase, Poet Kawase, Moe Ryohana, Rei Takatsuji, and Aina Takeda .

* BD Limited Edition

BD Volume 1
BD Volume 2
BD Volume 3
BD Volume 4
BD Volume 5
BD Volume 6

Amazon.co.jp limited BD whole volume purchase set
Blu-ray & DVD
TV animation `` 22/7 (Nanabunnonijuni) ''

YouTube "TV Anime" 22/7 "Blu-ray & DVD Release CM CM & Nicole ver."

YouTube "TV Anime" 22/7 "Blu-ray & DVD Release CM Mi & Sakura ver."


DVD Limited Edition 1 Volume
DVD Limited Edition 2
DVD Limited Edition 3
DVD Limited Edition 4
DVD Limited Edition 5
DVD Limited Edition Volume 6

DVD 1st edition
DVD 3rd edition
DVD 4th edition
DVD 5th edition
DVD 6th edition

DVD whole volume purchase set

YouTube “TV animation“ 22/7 ”2nd PV”

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