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"Queen's Blade Unlimited" BD Volume 2 released on February 28


In the new animation of the “Queen's Blade” series, the main character is Elina, a younger sister who searches for Reina, a wandering warrior. It is a work following the first volume released in July 2018, and the second episode "The Game before Her Majesty" is recorded.

Benefits include the original novel "The Game before Her Majesty" (page 96), a booklet on setting materials, and promotional videos.

Amazon.co.jp “Queen's Blade UNLIMITED2 [Blu-ray]”
Amazon.co.jp “Queen's Blade UNLIMITED1 [Blu-ray]” (* Available)
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Queen's Blade Official site :: unlimited

YouTube "OVA [Queen's Blade UNLIMITED] Episode 2 PV 2nd"

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