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“Bakumatsu Rock”


It has been announced that the sequel to the “Bakumatsu Rock” series, which has been widely deployed in games, anime and the stage, will be launched.

An adventure game released by Marvelous AQL (now Marvelous Inc.) for PSP on February 27, 2014. Set in the late Tokugawa period, rockers such as Ryoma Sakamoto, Shinsaku Takasugi, and Kogoro Katsura will fight with the Shogunate's “Top Idol” Shinsengumi with songs. Has been deployed.

This time, it is announced that the sequel to the “Bakumatsu Rock” series, “Bakumatsu Rock Hollow Soul” will be launched.

The stage will be set in the world five years later, when Ryoma and others have been loudly relegated.

Along with this announcement, a newly designed visual and character introduction by character design Kimihiko Fujisaka has been released.

In addition, it has been announced that comic serialization will start at noon on Sunday, January 26, 2020, so please check it out.

[Work Information]

■ "Bakumatsu Rock Kokuso (Hollow Soul)"
<Story> After the
relentless retreat (fighting) and fighting with Jr, and the congression system has been set up, each prince is not a fight by armed force, A new world was about to be created, trying to govern Japan through the "voice."
However, dark clouds reappear in Edo.
Above Edo Castle, a city shrouded in black mist, Heiankyo, appears.
"Bakumatsu Rock" long-awaited sequel appeared!

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