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An image board drawn by Mr. Anton Siku, a character draft of the original animation "Tenran Ran!"


■ TV animation “
Tenran Inma !” Is an original animation given by PAWORKS. The original is APPERRACING (Upper Racing), the plan is Tsuyoshi Kikuchi / Mr. Ohtake Kudo, director / series composition / story draft is Masakazu Hashimoto, character draft is Anton Shik, character design / total drawing director is Yurie Daito, mechanic design Is Shiho Takeuchi, animation production is PAWORKS.

The era of the end of the 19th century and the end of the 20th century: the genius but no sociable engineer, "Tenharu Sora", and the terrible but timid samurai, "Ishiki Kosame", came from Japan to the United States in an accident. Drifting to The way the penniless two men chose to return to Japan was to take part in the Trans-American Race. The start is Los Angeles on the West Coast and the goal is New York. Ride through the wilderness with your own steam car, compete with crazy rivals, protect yourself from outlaws and the wilderness ... Can you win the harsh race, get the prize money and return to your hometown !?

Sky乃天sunny auditors Natsuki Hanae -san, one color light rain role Seiichiro Yamashita, the Hototo role Aoi Yūki 's, the Jin Sharen role heaven Amemiya -san, the Al-Rion role Sōma Saitō 's, Sophia Taylor role Fumiko Orikasa plays.

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