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Limited release on TV series YouTube for theatrical version "SHIROBAKO" release


The TV series will be released on YouTube for a limited time before the movie version "SHIROBAKO", which Aoi Miyamori challenges the production of theatrical animation, will be released on February 29. Limited time only.

The five members of the Kamiyama High School Animation Club took a vow at a gourd shop donut to make an animation work together anytime. After graduation, each will be involved in animation production in their respective places. Aoi Miyamori, after working on "Exodus!" And "Third Squadron Squadron", gradually began to think about what he really wanted to do, gradually approaching his dream. 4 years since then. Aoi, who had been struggling with his daily work, was called by Watanabe after the morning bow, and was entrusted with a new theater animation. However, there were unexpected pitfalls in this project. Can you progress theater animations in the current company situation? Aoi feels uneasy ... Cooperates with new members, Kaede Miyai and Musani members, and starts moving toward completion. As an

additional cast, Yuri Yamaoka as Erika Yano , Ikumi Hayama as Tsubaki Ando , En Yonezawa as Sara Sato , Shiori Izawa as Ai Kunogi, as additional casts ? Atsushi Tamaru plays Kyu Takahashi, Masaya Matsukaze plays Jun Watanabe , Mai Nakahara plays Yuka Okitsu , Hiroyuki Yoshino plays Taro Takanashi , Yusuke Kobayashi plays Daisuke Hiraoka , Shuno Hiyama plays Seiichi Kinoshita and Gotaro Katsuragi. It has been announced that Mr. Fuki Nobuyuki will play the role.

The original is Musashino Animation, the director is Tsutomu Mizushima, the series composition is Michiko Yokote, the character draft is Pangkanpo, the character design and general drawing director is Kanami Sekiguchi, the producer is Infinite, and the production is PAWORKS.

Aoi Miyamori plays Tamaki Kimura , Ema Yasuhara plays Haruka Kamura , Shizuka Sasaki plays Haruka Chisuga , Misa Todo plays Asami Takano, Midori Imai plays Hitomi Owada, and Aoi Miyai plays Ayane Sakura. Plays.

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