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"Muhyo and Rosie's Magical Legal Consulting Office" will be broadcast in the summer season. Teaser PV


In the summer of 2020, Animax and others decided to broadcast the second series of the TV anime "Muhyo and Rosie's Magical Law Consulting Office". The teaser PV has been released.

You can get a glimpse of the contents of the second term, such as a new rival Goryo appearing before Muhyo and a new trial given to Rosie.

■ What is the TV anime “Muhyo and Rosie's Magical Law Consulting Office” The
original is a comic of the same name by Yoshiyuki Nishi. The director is Nobuhiro Kondo, the script is Yasuyuki Suzuki, the character design is Koichiro Kono, the general drawing director is Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita, the music is Ryu Kawasaki, and the animation production is Studio Dean.

Rosie is a genius magic law enforcer, Muhyo, and his assistant who has the ability to punish evil spirits and dead spirits that cause harm to humans or cause incidents. Spirit-affected people always came to them. One day, the rival enchu ​​during the law school of Muhyo appeared in front of Muhyo and cut off the fire of fierce battle!

Ayu Murase plays the role of Muhyo , Isamu Hayashi plays the role of Rosie , Hiroshi Kamiya plays the role of Enchu, and Tetsuya Kakihara plays the role of Yoichi . Satomi Akasaka plays Rio , Rie Kawamura plays Biko, Wataru Hatano plays Paige , Mitsuki Saiga plays Imai , Iori Nomizu plays Nana , Tetsuji Ota plays Tiki, and Kohei Tenzaki plays Kenji. , Yoji Ueda plays the role of Maeda, Ami Koshimizu plays the role of Furuya , Kazuyuki Fukagawa plays the role of Iwamoto, Kyosuke Ikeda plays the role of Fujiwara , Yusuke Kobayashi plays the role of Goryo , and Shinya Takahashi plays the role of Ebisu.

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