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Defeat the demon with Sumijiro and hold a real mystery solving game `` Devil's Blade '' in Animate stores nationwide


To commemorate the DVD release of the TV anime "Devil's Blade", the first real mystery solving game based on the same title, "Devil's Blade x Real Mystery Game" Defeat the Demon Hiding in a Toy Store! " It will be held at all Animate stores from March 23 to June 28.

The game is about a participant becoming a member of a demon squad and aiming to complete a mission with Sumijiro. While traveling around the animate store that has been transformed into a "toy store in the Taisho era," it will gather clues installed at various locations. The participation fee is 1500 yen, and the estimated playing time is about 1 hour. If you clear the puzzle, you will receive a clear file as a participation privilege.

In addition, as an event original goods, a mystery solving game "Takeaway Mystery" that can be played at home is limited sale. In February, the mystery clear file “My wife's good ed.“ Fear! Find the ghost of a girl's school! ”” And “Inousuke Hirahira,“ Ino rush! The king of the forest, go back. ”” "Yuyu Hen" Defeat the Eater Salmon Demon! "" And "Shinobou Hoshi" Rescue the Demon Exterminator! "" Will be released with original stories focusing on each character.

Details of the event are announced on a special site ( https://nazoxnazo.com/kimetsu-animate/ ).

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