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TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion"


By selecting eight popular episodes of the TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion", video content that can be enjoyed in the karaoke room will be rolled out at JOYSOUND for a limited time until Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Starting with the first release on Tuesday, January 28, two episodes will be rolled out each month.

The TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" depicts the main character, Shinji Ikari, fighting the mysterious enemy "Apostle", set in the 3rd New Tokyo City in the year 2015. The theme song, `` Cruel Angel's Thesis '', is a song released in 1995, but ranked first among many anime songs in the 2019 JOYSOUND karaoke annual ranking, and as a masterpiece that is still faded, Engraved in my heart.

Prior to “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” scheduled to be released on Saturday, June 27, 2020, select eight episodes of the popular episode of the TV anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” that is the origin of the movie, and enjoy it in the karaoke room It has been decided that the content will be rolled out in the new service "Miruhako" installed on the latest model "JOYSOUND MAX GO" of JOYSOUND.

"Miruhako" is a new service that creates value as a new entertainment space in karaoke rooms by distributing video contents of various genres not only to sing, but also to watch and enjoy. It is one of the feature-length videos that can be enjoyed free of charge (separate room charge), and the playback time is about 40 minutes each (including announcement videos etc.).

In this campaign, eight episodes of TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" are selected and enjoyed in the karaoke room. Limited to the period of September 30, 2020 (Wednesday), starting with the first release to be released on January 28 (Tuesday), two episodes will be developed each month. Before the release of the long-awaited latest series "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version", it will be an opportunity to enjoy the many scenes of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" with the powerful sounds and images unique to the karaoke room.

It has also been decided that a campaign to win luxurious prizes will be held from January 28 (Tuesday) to February 29 (Saturday).
At a karaoke store where the target model "JOYSOUND MAX GO" is introduced, use the application "Kyoku Navi JOYSOUND" (free of charge) that allows you to use your smartphone as a karaoke remote control, and use the TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" episodes 1 and 2 (1) When you reserve the viewing of (released as a bullet), at the speed lot displayed on the smartphone on the spot, 5 people will be presented by lottery with an Evangelion series CD-BOX "NEON GENESIS EVANGELION SOUNDTRACK 25th ANNIVERSARY BOX" (provisional) Please check it out.


[Campaign information]
◆ Applicable model: JOYSOUND MAX GO
* You can enjoy it at stores that have started broadcasting with broadband. However, it may not be supported depending on the model and installation environment.

<Content Overview>
Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion

・ First: Episode 1 “Apostle, Invasion”, Episode 2 “Unknown, Ceiling” [Tuesday, January 28, 2020]
• Second: Episode 5 “Rei, Over the Heart” , Episode 6 "Decisive Battle, New Tokyo City" [planned for Friday, February 28, 2020]
-Episode 8: "Asuka, coming to Japan", Episode 9 "Moment, Mind, Overlap [Scheduled on March 27, 2020 (Friday)]
-4th installment: Episode 9 "The Fight of Men", Episode 2 "The Last Man" [Scheduled on April 24, 2020 (Friday) ]

* All content will be available for a limited time until September 30, 2020 (Wed).

◆ Playback time: Approx. 40 minutes for each story (including announcement video etc.)

[Viewing method] Select the target content from the page displayed from the banner of "Mirukuko" on the top screen of the music selection terminal "JOYPad Kyoku Navi" installed in the karaoke room

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