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Special program for 3 consecutive months at Animax for “Zombie Land Saga” live




A live event for the TV anime "Zombie Land Saga" "Zombie Land Saga LIVE-Franchise LIVE OF THE DEAD-" will be held on March 8 at Makuhari Event Hall. The special program "Zombie Land Saga TV -Franchesch Road to LIVE OF THE DEAD-" will be broadcasted on Animax for three consecutive months, with the instruction "Franchesh himself thinks about planning and directing a live!" .

From 14:00 on January 26 at the first broadcast, Kaede Hondo (as Sakura Gen), Asami Tano (as Saki Nikaido), Maki Kawase (as Junko Konno) and Mimi Tanaka (as Lily Hoshikawa) Appear on. The second will be broadcast at 23:00 on February 16 and the third will be broadcast in March.

■ TV anime "Zombie Land Saga" is
a 100% original juice created by MAPPA x Avex Pictures x Cygames. The director is Munehisa Sakai, the series composition is Shigeru Murakoshi, the character design is Kazumi Fukagawa, the music is Koji Takanashi, and the animation production is MAPPA.

Usual morning. The usual music. Your usual self. The well-being of the seven girls suddenly collapses. A zombie who dies and wriggles …… the world that has inevitably stepped on is “the best x worst zombie world”. The girls have only one wish. "We want to live." This is a miracle story (saga) caused by girls.

Kotaro Tatsumi plays Mamoru Miyano , Sakura Minamoto plays Kaede Hondo , Asaki Nikaido plays Asami Tano, Ai Mizuno plays Risa Taneda , Junko Konno plays Maki Kawase, Yugiri plays Rika Kinukawa and Hoshikawa play. Mimi Tanaka plays Lily and Kotone Mitsuishi plays Tae Yamada .

(C) Zombie Land Saga Production Committee

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