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Theatrical animation “Children of the Sea Beasts”


The original picture collection of theatrical animation "Child of the Sea Beast" has been released.

"Child of the Sea Beast" is based on Daisuke Igarashi's manga and released in June 2019. The original drawings are supervised by Kenichi Konishi, character design, total drawing director and director. In addition to layout correction and original image correction, more than 200 cuts and 3,000 points are recorded at once, including original images with time sheets.

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Theatrical animation " Kids of the Sea Beast " will be released on January 29.

The limited edition includes a documentary Odyssey "Turep-Finding the" Kids of the Sea Beasts "" (85 min.), A special edition 48P booklet, a reduced edition dubbing script, and a PlayPic card.

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· Amazon.Co.Jp "sea monster of children [Regular Edition] [DVD] "
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YouTube “[Publication 6.7]“ Children of the Sea ”Notice 2 (“ Children of the Sea ”Official Trailer 2)

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