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Revisions revisions (Japanese anime)


Based on the concept of "expanding anime culture abroad," the second installment of Fuji Television "+ Ultra", a new anime frame that launches high-quality, world-standard anime works worldwide, including Japan. The main character was the boys and girls who were transferred to Shibuya more than 350 years ago in the future, and they were the ghosts of the future, Revisions, and the giant machines they manipulated. To help Shibuya be trampled by monsters without knowing the reason, Mirou and her two girls, Milo, have the same name as Daisuke's benefactor of the kidnapping case. Isolated city. Unknown enemy. The youth (juvenile) “disaster” (panic) group drama (ensemble) in which “Revisions” and boys and girls fight against the “future” to regain the “present”. Directed by Goro Taniguchi, who continues to fascinate fans with the 36th Nebula Award (animation category) award-winning works "Planetes" and "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". Series composition and script are Makoto Fukami of "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" series. The original character design was Nao Chikaoka of "Wake Up, Girls!" Animation production is performed by Shirogumi, who created “Eternal 0” and “Sunset at ALWAYS 3”.

Start time:Winter 2019On-air date:January 9, 2019-March 27, 2019
Production company:White teamGenre:Drama

Voice actor: Kouki Uchiyama , Mikako Komatsu , island Iwasaki Nobunaga , Rie Takahashi , Iwami minor incense , Sōma Saitō , Yoko Hikasa , Yukari Tamura , Takahiro Sakurai , Aya Endo , Masaki Terasoma , Tobita Tetsuo , Yuka Terasaki , Yoshitada Otsuka

staff: Director: Goro Taniguchi, CG Director: Takamitsu Hirakawa, Series Composition: Makoto Fukami / Tachi Hashimoto, Series Composition: Makoto Fukami / Tachi Hashimoto, Mechanical Design: Yohei Arai, CG Character Design: Jun Shirai, BG Concept Artist: Masato Shirata , MattePaint Director: Minoru Onishi, Art / Setting: Ryu Sakamoto, Color Design: Akemi Nagao, Cinematographer: Kazuhiko Takahashi, Editor: Akari Saito, Acoustic Director: Hitoshi Akita, Music: Azusa Kikuchi, Planning: Slow Curve Close

"This is a prophecy. Five of you are going to have a great crisis someday. At that time, you can protect everyone." Daisuke Dojima, a high school sophomore who had a kidnapped past, was a childhood friend, Gu , Marimari, Keisaku, and a mysterious phenomenon ── "Shibuya drifting". The future of the center of Shibuya was jumped more than 300 years ago. What awaited me was the vast wilderness and forests, the scattered ruins ... and the future people, "Revisions", and the giant monsters they manipulated. To help Shibuya be trampled by monsters without knowing the reason, Miro, a girl with the same name as Daisuke's benefactor of the kidnapping case, appeared. She offers a puppet weapon "String Puppet" that only Daisuke and others can control, and urges you to protect Shibuya. Benefactor of kidnapping ── prophecy "protect fellow by Milo Daisuke who have lived believe in fate Ru" is delight to the force which takes into crisis and hand visited last. However, the bond between the five childhood friends was falling apart due to the abductions. Isolated city. Unknown enemy. Uncertain past and fate prophecy. close


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