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Sage's grandson (Japanese anime)


"The Sorcerer's Grandson" (author: Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, illustration: Kikuchi Politics) was published on Famitsu Bunko after being published on the novel submission site "Let's Become a Novelist". The series has exceeded 1.5 million copies, including the original, Gaiden, and Comicalize. A young man who has been reincarnated in another world draws an unconventional, different-world fantasy life in which he works as an "out-of-the-world" and "out-of-standard" wizard. The director is Masafumi Tamura, the series composition is Tatsuya Takahashi, and the character design is Yuki Sawairi. Animation production is handled by SILVER LINK.

Start time:Spring 2019On-air date:April 10, 2019-June 26, 2019
Production company:SILVER LINK.Genre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Yusuke Kobayashi , Shohei Komatsu , Hon'izumi Rina , Yuki Wakai , Yusaku Yara , Gara Takashima , Tomoyuki Morikawa

staff: Director: Masafumi Tamura, series configuration: Takahashi Tatsuya, character over design: Yuki Sawairi, Art Director: Masakazu Miyake, color design: Shigetomi Eri, Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato, EDIT: Michi Takigawa, acoustic Director: Masaki Tsuchiya, Sound Production : Glovision, music: Kow Otani, music production: Avex Pictures Close


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