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TV anime "Chio-chan's school road"


The same name comic by Dr. Naotaka Kawasaki, in which a heroine of a high school girl encounters a strange episode encountered while going to and from school. Director and series composition is Takayuki Inagaki, character design is Mayuko Matsumoto, and Diomedia is in charge of animation production.

The inscription on the right of Michio Mitani, a first-year high school student who goes to the same school "Sameshima Gakuen", is "Middle Lower". She tries to live an inconspicuous school life, but for some reason there are various obstacles on her way to school. Making full use of the (unnecessary) skills trained in everyday western game life, including childhood friend Mana Nonomura aiming for otaku removal, the perfect top of the school caste, Yuki Hosokawa, and the unfamiliar people who go around the town, Challenge school today to achieve "school" safely!

Naomi Ozora will play the role of Michio Mitani, Chiaki Omigawa will play the role of Mana Nonomura , Kaede Hondo will play the role of Yuki Hosokawa , Madoka Ohtori will play the role of Madoka Histori, Ryoya Koyama will play the role of Mayuta Ando , and Takahashi will play the role of Goto Hiroki , Minori Suzuki will play the role of Momo Shinozuka, Minami Shinoda will play the role of Takukun, Yuko Minaguchi will play the role of Tamakun, Junji Majima will play the role of office worker , and Toshio Tobita will play the role of Toshio Ushida.

The original comic is on sale in 9 volumes.

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