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TV anime "Made in Abyss"


The sequel to the TV anime "Made in Abyss" series has been decided. At the same time, the sequel image board and PV were released.

"Made in Abyss" is an animation work based on manga of the same name serialized by Aki Tsukushi on the web comic site "Comic Gamma". With the unique touch of a girl, Rico, who aims to be a great “seeker” like a mother, set on the giant large hole “Abyss” that does not know how far and the city “Oath” built on the edge It is a popular work that I drew.

The TV anime will be broadcast from July 2017 to September 2017, and then in 2019, the movie version omnibus "Made in Abyss [Part 1] Dawn of Departure" and the movie version omnibus "Made in Abyss [Part 2] Wandering dusk" Was screened. Furthermore, from January 17, 2020, the latest movie version, "Made in Abyss, The Dawn of a Deep Soul" will be screened.

⇒The key version of the movie version “Made in Abyss” has been lifted! It will be released in January next year!

⇒ Animation movie screening schedule

The decision to produce the sequel to the TV series has just been announced, but details such as the broadcast date have not been determined. Please wait for the next report.

■ Series sequel production decision PV

Also, along with the decision to produce the sequel to the series, the PV has also been released. It is a video that looks back on the contents of the TV anime in 2017, the omnibus version of the movie in 2019, and the movie version "Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul" being screened.



[Anime Overview]
■ Made in Abyss

Broadcasting period: July 7, 2017-September 29, 2017

Original: Aki Tsukushi (Takeshobo "WEB Comic Gamma")
Director: Masayuki Kojima
Deputy Director: Kazuto Kazue
Screenplay: Hideyuki Kurata
Character Design: Kise Kazuya (ProductionI.G)
Total Animation Director: Hiroyuki Saida
Effect Animation Director: Takashi Hashimoto
Biological Design: Kosei Yoshinari
Design Leader: Takeshi Takakura
Action Animator: Satoshi Sakai, Hiiragi Sugita
Art Director: Osamu Masuyama
Art Setting: West Toshiki, Yoshinori Hishinuma, Satoru Hirayanaya
Design: Miyao Yamashita Cinematographer
: Tsunetaka Ema (T2 Studio)
Sound Director: Yo Yamada
Sound Effects: Toru Noguchi
Music: Kevin Penkin
Music Producer: Hiromitsu Iijima
Music Production: IRMA LA DOUCE
Music Production cooperation: KADOKAWA
animation production: Kinema Citrus

Rico: Miyu Tomita
leg: Mariya Ise
Nanachi: Shiori Izawa
Bondorudo: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Purushuka: Seto pray

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