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Dr. STONE (Japanese anime)


The topical work that won the second prize in the comic section of the “Next Manga Award 2018” (Original: Riichiro Inagaki, Draw: Boichi) is animated under the supervision of all screenwriters. Character design will be performed by Yuko Iwasa, who worked as a drawing director for "D.Gray-man" and "Yowamushi Pedal". In a world of the future where humanity is almost extinct due to petrification, Chiku, a science boy with a superhuman brain who has slipped back in time from the present day, draws on the use of that knowledge to build civilization from scratch. Adventure work. The main character, Chikuro, is a voice actor from the sciences, Yusuke Kobayashi.

Start time:Summer 2019On-air date:July 5, 2019-
Production company:Toms entertainmentGenre:science fiction

Voice actor: Yusuke Kobayashi , Shin Furukawa , Moto Sato , Yuichi Nakamura , Kana Ichinose , Aimi Numakura , Tomoaki Maeno , Ayumi Murase , Rena Ueda , Hanayashi Takahashi , Kengo Kasai , Watto

staff: Director: Shinya Iino, series configuration and Screenplay: Yuichiro Kido, key catcher easier ter design: Yuko Iwasa, music: Tatsuya Kato / Hiroaki Tsutsumi / YUKI KANESAKA Close

Thousands of years have passed since all humans petrified instantaneously due to a mysterious phenomenon. Chiku, a science boy with a superhuman mind, wakes up. "From the Stone Age to modern civilization, we will run up 2 million years of science!" In a state of desperation, Chiku looks for a friend and decides to regain the world!

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