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The stage "Touken Ranbu"


 The stage " Touken Ranbu " is a draft of a sword training simulation game in which the famous sword sword turned into a warrior and leads a "sword swordsman" and fights to protect the history . It was announced on the 18th that a new performance of the series will be performed this summer (title undecided).

[8 photos] The masterpiece of the sword is also shown ... The stage of "Touken Ranbu"

 will be performed by Tadashi Wada and others. Screenplay and direction by Kenichi Sueman. Tokyo performance June 8-14, Tennozu Galaxy Theater, Hyogo performance June 23-July 5, AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe, Fukuoka performance July 10-12, Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall , The Tokyo Triumph Performance will be held from July 17 to August 2 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stella Ball.

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