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In commemoration of the release of the fourth volume of the love manga "Onari Neighborhood Complex" by Sakuno Nonomura on January 23, a promotional video with a newly recorded voice has been released. At first glance a handsome boy, but actually a woman, Akira Kuji, "Magic Girl Pretty Cure!" Ryo Takahashi. Is played by Souma Saito.

This is a story about the love pattern of Akira and Makoto, who grew up like a family in a house next to each other. Since they were together since they were young, the distance was short, and they were often mistaken for gender-reversed couples, but the relationship gradually changed after a joint party one day. It is a popular work with more than 16 million PVs serialized in the web comic magazine "Kurofune", and in 2016 when the serialization started, it was ranked 2nd in the "pixiv comic" annual ranking.

Both Takahashi and Saito performed multiple patterns of play in consultation with the director to express "Gender inversion, cool and cute Makoto and Akira". Takahashi reads the original before recording and grabs Akira's character. It was played.

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