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The 2nd season of the TV anime "Fruit Basket" will be broadcast in the spring of 2020!


It has been announced that the 2nd season of the TV anime "Fruit Basket" will be aired on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka and others from spring 2020. Also, a special PV that allows you to watch the digest of the first season and the preceding video of the second season has been released.

"Fruit Basket" is a popular girl manga serialized in "Hana to Yume" (Hakusensha) from 1998 to 2006 by Natsuki Takaya. Cumulative circulation of worldwide comics exceeded 30 million copies, and in 2001, it became the first TV animation in TV Tokyo series. It was staged in 2009, and has continued to be popular for more than 10 years since the end of the series. From September 2015, a spin-off manga "Fruit Basket another" was serialized on the Web, and the total number of published comics (three already published) exceeded 550,000.

Last April, from April 2019, it was re-animated with a new staff & cast, and the first season was broadcast on TV Tokyo and others, but it has been decided that the sequel, 2nd season, will be broadcast from April this spring .

The story begins when a schoolgirl Toru Honda, who has lost his parents, lives with his classmate Yuki Kusama and his relatives. However, the Kusama family, who possesses the treasure of the twelve zodiac, had the secret that "if you are hugged by the opposite sex, you will be transformed into a treasure trooper." In this work, a story depicting the worries and conflicts caused by the secret is developed.


Special PV release!

Also, a special PV commemorating the decision to air in the 2nd season has been released. You can watch a digest video of the first season focusing on the conflict of the Kuma family, such as extreme affection and rejection from the family, and bullying at school, and a preceding video of the second season.



・ PV cut



[Anime Overview]
■ TV Anime "Fruit Basket" 2nd season

Broadcast information: aired TV Tokyo TV Osaka in other than the 2020 spring

original story, the total supervision: Natsuki Takaya "fruit basket"
Director: Yoshihide Ibata
series configuration: Taku Kishimoto
character design: Yu Shindo
Art Director: Yoko Kamiyama
color design: Mika Sugawara
Director of photography: Nozomi Shitara
eDIT: Hida statement
acoustic Director: Aketa River Hitoshi
Music: Masaru Yokoyama
Music production: TMS Music
animation production: TMS Entertainment
producer: fruit basket production Committee

Toru Honda: Iwami minor incense
grass friction Yuki: Island Yamazaki Nobunaga
grass milling夾: Uchida Stallion
grass milling MurasakiGo: Yuichi Nakamura
grass milling RakuRa: Rie Kugimiya
grass milling autumn leaves: Megumi Ban
grass milling潑春: Makoto Furukawa
grass grinding takes: Kazuyuki Okitsu
grass grinding Ayaon'na: Takahiro Sakurai
grass milling杞紗: Reina Ueda
grass milling燈路: Yo Ochi
grass milling TogiTsu: Kengo Kawanishi
grass milling Yosuzu: Aki Toyosaki
Akito Sohma: Sakamoto Maaya
grass friction藉真: Tomoyuki Morikawa
Uotani there is: Atsumi Tanezaki
Saki Hanajima: Satomi Sato
Kyoko Honda: Miyuki Sawashiro
Sho Manabe: Takuya Eguchi
Kuraki Makoto: Ai Kakuma and

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