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Episode 3 arrives from TV animation "Obber Fro!"


"OberFlo" is a TV animation work based on the popular girl comic "OberFlo-Sisters who can be filled if they are inserted." This is a life-size youth romantic comedy depicting a relationship between a close sister and a younger brother. From January 5, 2020, the regular short animation has been broadcast on TOKYO MX.

next day after spending the night with my sisters, the one that appeared before Kazushi, who walked while reflecting on last night, was the most awkward relationship Ayane now. Ayane appears not to be angry at Kazushi who apologized in front of the apartment. On the contrary, as soon as I entered the room, I was asked, "If you want to continue yesterday ... Kiss ...?"

■ Advance cut


■ While the Twitter campaign is being held In
addition, the official Twitter campaign is being conducted every week to give three people a “ComicFesta point worth 500 yen” by lottery. Follow the official Twitter (@CFAnime_MENS) and add the hashtag “#overflow” or “#overflow” between Sundays 25:00 to 25:10, and the anime “overflow” Post your live tweet and you're done.


[Work information]
■ TV animation "Obber Frou"

<Broadcast information>
TOKYO broadcast from 1 o'clock every Sunday midnight in the MX

<delivery information>
ComicFesta anime distributed from 0:00 every Sunday midnight in the
※ Normal version free delivery a
delivery in the "ComicFesta animation" the ※ adults full version limited
YouTube Comic Festa anime official Channel normal version delivery at
NicoNicoVideo deliver the normal version at

<strike - Li ->
"? brother, of entering the bath really together ......"
freak coincidence began forbidden bathing experience! My close sister and my childhood brother, three men and women, bathed in my bathtub to my shoulders and suddenly overflowed ... The sister's secret love! ? A life-size youth romantic comedy that won't say over!

Original work: Kaizuka
Director: Rei Ishikura
Screenplay: Ayo Kurosaki
Character design: Yoshihiro Watanabe
Total animation director: Kazuya Kuroda, Masato Foui, Hisashi Nakamoto
Sound director: Takahiro Enomoto
Sound production: Studio mouse
animation production : Studio H? KIBOSHI
Production: Koseisha

<Cast> * Normal / Full version common cast
Ayane Shirakawa: Tomoe Minyasu
Kotone Shirakawa: Kyoko Mitsu
Kazushi Sudo: Tsukuda Sand Mud

<Theme Song>
" Obarab "
Lyrics: Murai Muraimu / Hinooka Rei
Composition / Arrangement: Koichi Morita
: Uzuho

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