[Video] The TV animation "Welcome to the Ballroom" The main video

 is a dance sports youth manga where ordinary junior high school student Tatara Fujita meets the world of ballroom dance and gradually develops his talent. Tatara spent no time finding any goals and was spending his days in vain, but one day, a mysterious man helps him where he is entangled in bad. The man brought Tatara to a ballroom dance classroom, and inspired by the dancer girl Shizuka Hanaoka who goes to the same school and his partner, a genius dancer Kiyoharu Hyodo, youth who participates in Tatara's dance sports. The story that begins.

 The serialization of "Monthly Shonen Magazine" started from the December 2011 issue, and TV animation was broadcast from July to December 2017. All TV anime episodes have been available for free for a limited time on YouTube since December last year, and have surpassed 500,000 views.

 The editor in charge of this new book release is "The latest edition of the long-awaited for the first time in two and a half years. The Tokyo Metropolitan People's Tournament edition that continues from volume 8 is finally climaxed with this volume! Finally, the scene where the main character, Tatara “wakes up,” is especially worth seeing! The overwhelming drawing and expression methods and productions that only the author can draw will surely leave you out of the way. Please enjoy a different development! "