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Theatrical version high school fleet


Theatrical animation "Theatrical version High School Fleet" will be nationwide road show on January 18, 2020. "Haifuri", which was broadcast as a TV anime in 2016, is finally returning to the silver screen!

The stage of the theater version will be the event "Competitive Games", which is a combination of a school festival and a sports festival held at Yokosuka Women's Ocean School where Akino and others belong. This is the largest story in the history of "Haifuri", which includes not only the members of "Harukaze" who grew stronger than the TV series, but also students of Kure, Maizuru and Sasebo and new characters.

Interviews with Shiina Natsukawa as Akino Misaki, Lynn as Mashiro Soya, Nozomi Furuki as Shima Tateishi, Atsumi Tanezaki as Mei Nishizaki, and Yuko Kurose as Sachiko Nasa Was done.
⇒ "High School Fleet Theatre" Nationwide Road Show will be decided on January 18, 2020! Three new ships, Yamato, Shinano, and Kii, and captains and deputy captains' cast information also lifted


──First of all, please tell us how you heard about the production of “High School Fleet for Theater”.


Natsukawa: Has this day finally arrived? It was that kind of feeling. At an event, etc., it was very clear that the visitors were waiting for the continuation of the animation, so at the time of the announcement, I felt like I could finally say it.


Taneji was first announced at the 2nd anniversary commemorative event (held at Yokosuka HUMAX Cinemas in April 2018).


Furuki: I didn't participate that day, so I think you heard it from your manager. When I first heard information on Twitter or on the Internet, my impression was "oh, oh!" (Laughs). I was always really happy because I wanted to make a continuation someday.


 When I was reading the script for the Kurose event, it was written "Eh! In such a case, I imagined that it would be a surprise for us, but I read at home what was written in the script normally and I knew it was slimy, so I also initially thought "Oh, oh!" (Laughs) But joy came later.


When we announced at the Lynn event, we were all very happy and felt that we were waiting.



気 持 ち Please tell us your feelings when you first received the movie version script and your impression of the story.


Furugi: I felt like "I can read the rest of the world!", And I felt closer to the reader (viewer). The script was thick and surprising, so when I got time, I thought, "OK!" Whenever I came to the scene I was waiting for, I was happy to read, "I can play" Haifuri! "


When I read the Natsukawa script, I wonder if everyone would play like this.


Seed Iwasaki Do not you have two key visual Mashiro and Akira乃. I thought it was about the image of that picture.


Lynn certainly felt like that.


Combined with the phrase of the Natsukawa catch phrase, “Ships to Protect (No), Routes to Go (Mirai),” I felt a bit surprised if it was that kind of thing.


 That expression of Kurose two people, it is hard to see.


 I once felt like a family in the Lynn TV series, but I was glad to see the stories and relationships deepening in the future. Mashiro-chan thought it was hard (laughs). I was surprised that there were many other ships and more characters were added.


While the number of Natsukawa casts increased and it became lively and fun, I thought that there are quite a lot of scenes that are lonely and complicated for Akino. After that, from the TV series to the theatrical version, Akeno's father (standing position) is finally getting more and more. It's like a coordinator or a step closer to watching.


When I was watching the preparations for the Taneshima School Festival, it was a tour with my couple.


Lynn was a strange feeling!


It 's a place to prepare for the Natsukawa Festival, but it doesn't feel like we're excited (laughs). At the same time I thought I was an adult, it was a bit lonely. I thought that the competencies of friends other than Akeno were also drawn this time. "Harukaze" was described as a gathering of the Irregular in TV anime, but I thought everyone was actually capable.


 I felt the strength of Lynn through my various experiences.


キ ャ ラ ク タ ー If there are any characters, highlights, or points of interest in the movie version, please let us know.


I knew that Narikawa Narikawa had a nagita and was a fighter, but I felt so calm and gentle, so I thought it was so quick and cool that I was excited. .


The Lynn Soya family is amazing. Everyone was cool and cool and I thought it was a really great family.

 I like Natsukawa , the Soya family ...


It 's also important to be able to see the cool side of the people around Lynn on the ship, and to see the little ones in the past scenes.


Furugi : Can I say this? This time it was global!


Everyone Oh!


 I think it is a work in which many languages ​​appear, including the Furuki dialect. There was also German. The people in charge of the scenes around the language seem to be very, very awesome! I thought. The new character Sue is played by Naomi Ozora, but there are scenes where we talk with native people.


In the Lynn TV series, you talked in Japanese, but it became German-based.


Kurose foreign language is really amazing. Watching Me-chan (Wilhelmina) speak German, she thought she was German. I find it very difficult to put emotions in a foreign language in a tense scene. According to Hiromi Igarashi, I was given a German source that I spoke at the speed of conversation, and when I heard it, I heard that it was like copying and listening.


Seed Iwasaki I am the first half of the scene in which each character is Rashiku each of the characters, do you say to say that the controller.


 We did Natsukawa new material.


Seed Iwasaki there I think attractions. I do a lot of things other than fighting.


が I have a question about the new character Sue. I feel like Akino and Mashiro are taking care of it.


Natsukawa : You look like an innocent child, and sometimes you say something unexpected. The time when Sue appears is when the relationship between Akino and Shiro is a little complicated. At that time, Sue knows something and manages between the two, and it really feels like a "child is faint" (laughs). So, while there are places that can't be helped, they are basically innocent, cute and bright. I thought that Sue has taken over Akeno's innocence in the TV series.


Lynn , you say that you're really excited. Sometimes that point of view is something that you forget when you grow up a little, or even more so, her innocent words make me realize it. It is a very important key person.


──I would like to hear about post-recording. It's not a big studio, but it's a huge number.


There was a lot!


Lynn 55 people.


 55 Natsukawa !


Tane: To be honest, I couldn't sit in a chair.


As a way of recording Lynn , only the people who appeared in the scene entered the booth, and the other people seemed to switch outside in standby, but I could not go outside the booth and used to another floor of the studio Let me know ...


 There was also time to distribute lunches like Kurose lunch, so it was like a school. 


When Director Tanezaki and the staff greeted me, I saw for the first time that the cast was listening to physical education. During recording, there were people up to the back of the microphone, so I thought it was okay to hear the noise.


 I think Lynn had another microphone on the top (in the booth) that could pick up all the sound.


 I enjoyed talking scary while sitting on the ground in Kurose spare time. We had a meeting with Hitomi Kikuchi, Miharu Sawada, Miumi Tanaka, Nanami Yamashita and Hiyori Nitta (laughs). The main scary story was me and Minyanami (Minami Tanaka), and Hiyori-chan was very scared.


Kind: That kind of group was formed everywhere.



あ り Do you have any impressions on recording or acting?


Natsukawa This time, the adult group, it was a fresh scene because there was a sense of urgency unique to adults, such as the sisters of the Soya family. I thought it was too full-fledged and it wasn't "fake" (laughs).


In the Kurose Conte scene, Tanezaki, who puts it tightly without any length, was a genius. It's not just fast talk, it's interesting.


Seed し よ う What if this isn't fun? Also, there are people who are new to the “fake” site, and there are specific words and phrases.


It 's the baptism of Natsukawa "Haifuri".


 I think I spoke quite a bit of jargon in the Furugi TV series, but I thought there was still more to come (laughs).


Lynn's professionals come to supervise me, but you said that this is a difficult term from a professional perspective.


Old but I us to demonstrate, do you it happens when it is words of a girl in high school ...? Like (laughs).


By the way, this work is related to Yokosuka. Do you have any memories related to Yokosuka?


Lynn I go to Yokosuka at an event, but I can't eat curry. I got retort curry.


Natsukawa: That's a waste!


 There is curry in the catering at the Kurose event. I feel it was the first equatorial festival.


You went to Yukisuka Furuki on a (private) tour.


Kurose I went with these three people (Mr. Kurose, Mr. Furuki, Mr. Tanezaki) and Hitomi Kikuchi.


The Furuki Kurose chin is so amazing, he can help you with schedule assembly and shop selection.


I also print the Kurose map.


Natsukawa is really Coco-chan!


 I ate the seed curry and cheesecake, it was delicious. I want to eat what comes out in the work!


Old but it was also carried out to Sakakura (total head family) 's after sweets. I also remember being impressed by Sakura Nakamura's birthday pudding made by Sakakura-san's birthday commemorative.


When you go to Kurose Sakakura, she calls me "Ah, Coco-chan".


Natsukawa is wonderful!


 I was worried when I heard that Sakukura Kurose was seriously affected by the flood, so I asked him about the restaurant's reopening day.


Finally, this article will be published in the 2020 New Year. I would like to conclude with myself and "Haifuri" New Year's resolution.


Furugi: I believe that High School Fleet Theatrical Edition, which will be released in 2020, will be the biggest hit movie in 2020! Personally, if you have a chance to go to another land, such as at the event of "Haifuri", your goal is to eat delicious food from that land.


 The movie version of Kurose "Haifuri", it's my favorite work that I've been waiting for. I want to burn with the "High School Fleet for the Movie"! My voice actor life starts with "Haifuri" and with "Haifuri" ...


Natsukawa does not end!


 Aha Kurose , thank you very much (laughs). I would like to enjoy a lot with the fans!


The goal is to have a better year than the previous year, including work, every year. In 2020, we will probably start with “Yes”, so we want to catch the waves together!


 Everyone rides the Lynn waves and travels fine. I think that a refreshing breeze of a new "Haifuri" will blow with the new year. My goal remains the same. Look at "High School Fleet for the Movie".


Natsukawa: I think that 2020 will start with “Theatrical Version”, so I want to do my best with this work. It's a refreshing story, so I hope that it will be a wonderful year to receive that refreshment. "Theatrical version High School Fleet", thank you!

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