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TV anime “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”


An OP & ED artist has been announced for the second phase of "Re: Life in a Different World from Zero" which will be airing from the spring of 2020.

"Re: Life in a Different World from Zero" is an animation work based on a light novel by Tatsuhei Nagatsuki. A different world fantasy that begins with a scene in which an ordinary high school student who has lost his way into a different world on the way back from a convenience store helps the girl to look for her as a thanks to the girl who saved him in a different world. A new edit version of `` Re: Life in a different world starting from zero '' re-edited as a one-hour program with a new cut added to the TV animation broadcasted in 2016 has been aired since January 1, 2020 I have.

⇒ New edition of “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” on air, episode 4 & episode 5 released! WEB radio, January delivery date & guest decided

And in the second phase of `` Re: Life in a different world starting from zero '' scheduled to be broadcast from April, it was decided that Konomi Suzuki who sang the opening theme song `` Redo ' ', the opening song of the first phase, will continue to be in charge . In addition, the ending song will be an image song and an ending song at `` Re: Zero Starting from Another World Life Memory Snow '' released in theaters in 2018, followed by `` Re: Another World Starting from Zero '' released in theaters in 2019 Nonoc who sang the ending song for "Life Bonds" is in charge.

Suzuki-san and nonoc-san have also received comments.


■ Comment from Konomi Suzuki (Original mom)

About four years after the first broadcast, "Redo" is still singing as an important song, but we will deliver a new rezero theme song that goes beyond that. please expect to have fun and wait.

■ Comment from nonoc (Original mom)

I'm really honored to be involved in Rezero following the two theatrical releases. We want to keep the re-zero exciting with you, so please look forward to the ending theme!

[Work Information]
■ "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero" Phase 1 New Editing Edition

<Broadcast information>
-AT-X Every Wednesday 22:30-23:30
 Repeat broadcast: Every Friday 14:30 / Every Sunday 21:00 / Every Tuesday 6:30
-TOKYO MX Every Wednesday 23:30- 24:30
, TV Hokkaido every Thursday 26:
00-27 : 00 , KHB East Japan Broadcasting every Thursday 25: 56-26: 56
, TV Aichi every Thursday 26: 05-27: 05
, KBS Kyoto every Friday 25:00 to 26 pm
Sun TV every Thursday from 30 minutes to 30 minutes at 26 o'clock 25
-TVQ Kyushu broadcast every Friday 26 pm 58 minutes to 58 minutes at 27
-BS11 every Wednesday at 25 am to 26

If to save the Mr., I die many times.
The helpless boy has the power of "return to death" to rewind and die.
On the way home from a convenience store, a boy, Natsuki Subaru, was suddenly summoned to a different world. In a different world where nothing can be relied upon, the only power of a helpless boy is ... the power of "Return to Death" to die and rewind time. In order to protect the loved ones and to reclaim the irreplaceable time, the boy resists despair and faces a tough fate.

Original work: Tatsuhei Nagatsuki
Character draft: Shinichiro Otsuka
Director: Politics Watanabe
Series composition: Masahiro Yokotani
Character design and total drawing director: Kuta Sakai
Prop Design: Noritaka Suzuki, Goichi Iwahata
Art Setting: Saaya Kaneshiro (Mimine)
Art Director: Yoshito Takamine (Mimine)
Color Design: Izumi Sakamoto
Director of Photography: Kentaro Minegishi (T2studio)
3D Director: Yuu Karube (T2studio)
Editing: Hitomi Sudo (REAL-T)
Acoustic director: Hitoshi Akada
Acoustic effect: Yuji Furuya (Swara Pro)
Music: Kenichiro Suehiro
Music production: KADOKAWA
Animation production: WHITE FOX
Production: Re: Life in a different world starting from zero

Natsuki Subaru: Yusuke Kobayashi
Emilia: Rii Takahashi
Pack: Yumi Uchiyama
Rem: Inori Minase
Rie Murakawa Beatrice: Satomi Arai
Roswar L. Mathers:
Felt Koyasu Felt: Akazaki Chinatsu
Reinhardt Van Astraea: Yuichi Nakamura
Kurushu Karsten: Yuka Iguchi
Felix Argyle: Yui Horie
Wilhelm van Astraea: Kenyu Horiuchi
Anastasia Ho Shin: Kana Ueda
Julius Yukuriusu: Takuya Eguchi
Priscilla Barieru: Yukari Tamura
Aldebaran: Fujiwara Keiji
Elsa Gran Hilte: Mamiko Noto Petergis
Romanée-Conti: Yoshijo Matsuoka

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