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"Kingdom" third season


The character and cast of Hatsukuni Takeshi, who will be intercepting the 3rd series of the TV anime "Kingdom" broadcasted on NHK from April, have been announced. Yoshimasa Hosoya will play the role of Wang Yun, the captain of the Gyoho corps, and Hiroshi Nojima will play the role of Mongolia, the commander of Rakuka .

▼ Wang Yun (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya )

A serious and solid 2,000 general with his father, Shogun Oshin.

▼ Meng Tien (CV: Hiroshi Nojima )

A gentleman whose father is General Mongolia, he is brave and clear-minded when he enters the battlefield.

Director Kenichi Imaizumi, character design Tsune Abe, series composition Noboru Takagi, animation production studio sign post. Shinichi Morita

plays the role of Shin, Jun Fukuyama plays the role of Masayoshi , Rie Kugimiya plays the role of Tensho Kawato, Kentaro Ito plays the role of Kanki, Yoshimasa Hosoya plays the role of Wang , and Hiroshi Nojima plays the role of Mongolia . (C) Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha Kingdom Production Committee

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