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Patlabor 30th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition


Details of "30th HEADGEAR EXHIBITION featuring EARLY DAYS @ PATLABOR THE MOVIE in Tokyo ACT.2" to be held on January 18-February 2 in Ikebukuro Marui, Tokyo, will be revealed. became.

In the same exhibition as the "ACT.1" held in Yurakucho Marui, Tokyo until January 13, the first animated series "The Mobile Days" released in 1989 from the early OVA series "EARLY DAYS" in 1988. Police Patlabor the Movie "is a close-up of various drawings and three-dimensional objects. When `` ACT.1 '' is positioned as `` BORN '' which published materials related to the birth of the work, `` ACT.2 '' has been alive with fans supporting the story and characters from the time of the work announcement to the present The content is equivalent to the "LIVE" edition that tracks footprints.

In addition to anime magazines and mooks, illustrations decorating related packages, rough sketches, newly drawn drawings in the 2000s, etc. by character designer Akemi Takada, the key to the story of `` Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie '' An illustration of Osaka ATC's "30th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition" by illustrator Yukio Tachibana drawn with an airbrush by Rabber / Zero-type that held the sword. In commemoration of the publication of the manga "Treasure Edition Mobile Police Patlabor" by Masami Yuki in November 2019, cover illustrations of successive comic books will be shown. The admission fee is 800 yen (including tax), and if you present an ACT.1 admission ticket, you will be discounted by 100 yen (free for junior high school students and younger).

In addition, at the free admission merchandise section, in addition to the merchandise sold under "ACT.1", there will be many line-ups of "ACT.2" new products.

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