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"Haikyu !! TTT"


Tokyu Hands 'TV anime “Haikyu !! TO THE TOP” and Tokyu Hands' collaborative project “Haikyu !! TO THE TOP Karasuno Birthday Party in Tokyu Hands-Kiyoshiko Shishino-san” have been decided. From January 31 to March 1, a collaboration section will be opened at 21 Tokyu Hands stores nationwide, including Tokyo / Shinjuku, Aichi / Nagoya, and Osaka / Umeda.

The collaboration theme is “Karasuno Birthday Party”, in which each member of Karasuno Ball Club prepares a present to celebrate the birthday (January 6) of Kiyoko Shimizu, a “single flower blooming at Karasuno Ball Club”. An illustration depicting a party gathering together and holding a party with crackers in hand has been released.

During the exhibition, limited-editions such as hand-drawn illustrations and limited-editions featuring character illustrations wearing hands aprons will be sold in stores. The lineup will be announced on January 20. New trainers (4 types / 4980 yen each), parkas (4 types / 5980 yen each), acrylic memo stands (10 types / 980 yen each), character memo boards (4 types / 800 yen each) Pre-sale is also performed (all prices excluding tax). Tokyu Hands exclusive benefits are also distributed to purchasers of goods.

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