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"Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T" opening video to listen to fripSide theme song



The opening video of the TV animation "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T", which began broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others on January 10, was released.

You can listen to fripSide's opening theme "final phase".

■ What is TV anime "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T" The
original is Kazuma Kamaike and Motoki Fuyukawa. The director is Tatsuyuki Nagai, the series composition is Shogo Yaskawa, the animation character design is Yuichi Tanaka, and the animation production is JCSTAFF. The opening theme is fripSide, and the ending theme is Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets.

A huge city spread in western Tokyo with a total population of 2.3 million. Since students account for about 80% of the population, the city called the "Gakuen City" was developing a force that could twist the laws of the world and cause paranormal phenomena. Students who have gained abilities through a special class (curriculum) have six stages from “incompetence (level 0)” to “super abilities (level 5)” through regular physical examinations (system scans). Has been evaluated. At the top of the list, the seven most powerful people are those who are called the strongest. One of them, Mikoto Misaka. She is a 14-year-old girl who goes to the prestigious young lady school and Tokiwadai junior high school, who is the highest ability person of "Electric Master" who freely manipulates electricity and has the nickname of "Railgun" Middle school students. A junior, Kuroko Shirai of Judgment. Her colleague, Akari Toshiharu, who longs for a young lady, and her friend who loves urban legends, Namiko Saten. A once-in-a-year major event was approaching the peaceful, mediocre, and slightly unusual life of an academy city with such friends. "Oha Star Festival". A huge sports festival, held over seven days, in which talented people fought hard at school level. During the period, a part of the school city was open to the public, and everyone was uplifting before a lively event that was being broadcast to the whole world. There is no noticeable thing wriggling behind the glamorous stage.

Misaka Mikoto auditors Rina Sato, Shirai Kuroko role Satomi Arai, the early spring decorative interest Auditor Aki Toyosaki 's, the TasukuTenrui child actor Kanae Ito -san, Shokuhachimisao prayer role the Azumi Asakura -san, Kezuita military supremacy the role Kengo Hexi, the Kyosaku perceiving role Miyu Tomita, the navel out Katyusha (Kumokawa ceria) role Yukiyo Fujii plays.

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