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PS4 "Dragon Like 7 Light and Darkness" CM Movie Release


PS4 software " Ryuga Like 7 The Whereabouts of Light and Darkness " will be released on January 16th. Two CM movies have been released.

The 15th anniversary of the series. The story of the hot men that the new protagonist "Kasuga Ichiban" starts on a new stage "Yokohama / Isezaki Ijinmachi". In this work, "Live Command RPG Battle" which combines fighting action and RPG command selection system is installed.

As an early purchase bonus, a DLC equipment item "Mashima Construction Equipment Set" will be prepared.

Amazon.co.jp “Dragon is 7 like light and darkness”
Amazon.co.jp “Dragon is like 7 light and darkness [Amazon.co.jp limited] Item undecided attached”
Dragon like 7 Whereabouts of Light and Darkness (PlayStation4) | SEGA Official Site

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YouTube“ PS4 exclusive software “Ryuga is like 7 whereabouts of light and darkness” CM “Dragon is like `` Latest work ''

YouTube “PS4 exclusive software“ Dragon is 7: Whereabouts of light and darkness ”CM“ Dragon is like ”to RPG”

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