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Theatrical version "Goblin Slayer" Visitor benefits are all three drama CDs, novels


Visitor benefits for the movie "Goblin Slayer GOBLIN'S CROWN", which will be released in theaters at Shinjuku Baltic 9 and others from February 1, have been decided.

The first week's bonus is all three special drama CDs written by Dr. Cochlear Spider. The jacket is a special illustration drawn by Noboru Kanazuki.

The bonus for the second week is a special novel written by Dr. Cochlear Spider.

The bonus for the third week is a set of three colored miniature-style mini cards drawn by Noboru Kanazuki / Takashi Nagayoshi / Character Design / Director Takaharu Ozaki. The fourth week is a special postcard.

■ TV Anime "Goblin Slayer" and the
same name novel of the cochlea spider teacher / Natsuki Kami rising teacher is original. The director is Takaharu Ozaki, the series composition and script is Hideyuki Kurata, the script is Yosuke Kuroda, the character design is Takashi Nagayoshi, and the animation production is WHITE FOX.

It is said that there are rare guilds on the outskirts that have gone up to the silver grade (third rank) only by defeating goblins. A priestess who became an adventurer and the first party he formed became a pinch. The man who helped it was a man called Goblin Slayer. He chooses no means and spares no effort to defeat only the goblins. Such a goddess swayed by him, a receptionist thanking him, and a childhood friend of cattle waiting for him. Hearing his rumors, a Morito (elven) girl appeared on the request.

Yuichiro Umehara plays the role of Goblin Slayer , Yui Ogura plays the role of Goddess, Nao Higashiyama plays the role of the fairy bower , Yuka Iguchi plays the role of the beef keeper, Mayu Uchida plays the role of the receptionist , Yuichi Nakamura plays the role of miner . Tomokazu Sugita plays the lizard monk, Yoko Hikasa plays the witch, and Yoshioka Matsuoka plays the spear .



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