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TV anime `` Kingdom '' Kanki character visual release Kentaro Ito


NHK General will begin broadcasting TV anime "Kingdom" starting in April. The character visual of Kanki, a general of Shinkoku , and a comment from Kentaro Ito , who will be playing , arrived on the 10th. In addition, the silhouette images of Hata Kuni warriors and others who intercept the joint forces drawn in this work have also been released.

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 This work is a TV animation of the manga "Kingdom" by Yasuhisa Hara , a popular serializer in "Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha) . The original comic has exceeded 47 million copies in total, and in April 2019 it became the first live-action movie, a huge hit, and became a social phenomenon.

 The story is set in China during the spring and fall of the Warring States period, with Shin-nobu (CV. Seiichi Morita ) aiming to become a general in the world, and the young king, Asei (CV. Jun Fukuyama ), who later became the Emperor. , The first series of TV anime was broadcast on NHK BS Premium, from June 2012 to February 2013, and the second series was broadcast from June 2013 to March 2014.

 And recently, in the 3rd series, which will be broadcast on NHK General in April 2020, it will rush into the kingdom's largest battle in the history of joint warfare (Gasshogunhen), A fierce story is drawn in which the Qin country will confront the fierceness of the army forces approaching the capital, Kanyo.

 Today, the character ban was lifted on the 10th by a character visual of a general of Qin Kingdom, Kanki. The image of a genius, Kanki, who fights a ruthless battle as a former robber, smiles confidently and provocatively, making him feel even more comfortable in the battle with the concomitant forces to begin. In response to the violence of a joint force between the six countries of the Qin Kingdom, Chu, Zhao, Wei, En, Han, and Qi, Will you fight like that?

 Ito, who plays Kanki, said, "I am very pleased to have the opportunity to play Kanki again over time! In this series, the battle of Hakotani Seki is finally drawn. The studio is full of the enthusiasm of the screaming casts. It's sweaty! (Laughs) Under the supervision of Professor Hara, please expect the third term of the Kingdom to be sent by the new staff! " I have.

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