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TV anime "Haikyu !!" 4th season 1st cool 4 large campaign is decided!


It has been decided that Animate will be running a campaign to raise the 4th excitement of the first anime of the TV anime "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP", which will start on Friday, January 10 (Fri) today.

"Haikyu !!" is a comic by Haruichi Furudate who serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" and exceeded 35 million copies. This work, which is based on high school volleyball, started from the first season of "Haikyu !!" in 2014, the second season of "Haikyu !! Second Season" and the third term of "Haikyu !! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School" And the anime will be rolled out, and the long-awaited fourth season “TO THE TOP” will start broadcasting from January 10, 2020.

Blu-ray & DVD of this work is released sequentially from Wednesday, March 18. Purchase and book the entire volume of "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" Blu-ray & DVD at all Animate stores and animate mail order. [Long double pocket clear file] using illustrations drawn down by [Original Sakosh] and 1 to 3 volumes , 4 to 6 volumes are linked and purchased and booked [3 newly drawn storage BOX], and 1 volume purchase comes with [B2 promotional poster].

In addition, Animate conducted a “4 big excitement campaign in animate” to commemorate the 4th season of TV animation in the first cool season. In addition to the installation of giant banners to commemorate Karasuno High School's participation in Haruka High School and limited privilege gifts, it has a variety of contents. A special team meeting featuring casts from high school, Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School and Tomi Gakuen High School has also been held for three consecutive months.

■ "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" 1st cool 4th excitement campaign in animate Outline

[1] 3 consecutive months !! Special team meeting !!
"Haikyu !!" 3rd Blu-ray & DVD volume 2 release “Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School Team Meeting”, which was held at the time and gained popularity, has been powered up and returned!
“Haikyu !! TO THE TOP” Vol. 1 to 3 commemorating the first Blu-ray & DVD release The special team meetings of Nekoma High School & Tomi Gakuen High School (for 1 volume), Karasuno High School & Date Technical High School (for 2 volumes), and Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School (3 volumes) will be decided for each volume! !

<How to participate>
the "Haikyu !! tO tHE TOP" Blu-ray & DVD of the target, and the full amount in gold to book with animate all stores or mail-order during the period, I be invited to the following events in the lottery from among the applicants . <<

Release March 18 Volume 1 Reservation Target >>
Event Name: Nekoma High School & Tomi Gakuen High School Joint Team Meeting
Date and Time: April 4, 2020 17:30 Start
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Performer: Shinnosuke Tachibana ( Yakusuke Eisuke), Kazuyuki Okitsu (Yutaka Admiral)
Application Period: January 10-February 16, 2020 << Released

May 20, Volume 2 Reservation Target >>
Event Name: Karasuno High School & Date Technical High School Joint Team Meeting
Date and Time: May 16, 2020 15: 00 Start
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Appearance: Ayumi Murase (playing Shoyo Hinata), Masatomo Nakazawa (playing Kenji Niguchi)
Application Period: January 10-March 29, 2020 <

Released on July 15 3 volume reservation target>
Event name: Shiratorizawa Gakuen High School team meeting
Date and time: June 13, 2020 * Time will be released
at a later date Venue:
Somewhere in Tokyo Performers: Ryota Takeuchi (as Ushijima Wakatoshi), Subaru Kimura (Tendo) Sense role)
Application period: From January 10, 2020 to May 11, 2020

[2] Animate privilege enforcement!
・ 1 volume purchase privilege: B2 advertising poster
・ 1-3 volume linked purchase privilege: Draw down 3 volume storage BOX
(draw down character: Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi)
- Volume 4 to 6 volumes linked purchase privilege: to draw down Volume 3 storage BOX (drawn by character Tha: later published)
, whole volume purchase benefits: Long double pocket clear file (using two copyright draw down described above)
 original Sakosshu

[3] Karasuno high school spring high participation celebration !! huge banners installed & benefits gift in Animate Ikebukuro
crow A huge banner is set up at the entrance of Animate Ikebukuro head office to commemorate Haruka's participation in Noko High School!
In addition, if you book the first volume at Ikebukuro Main Store during the period, you will receive a special Ikebukuro main store privilege!
Installation period: January 11-February 29
Early reservation privilege period: January 11-February 9
Location: Animate Ikebukuro Main Store
Target Products: "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1
Animate Ikebukuro Main Store Limited Bonus: 2 Scene Bromide (Takeo Kageyama, Yuu Miya)
* Privilege will be given at the time of product delivery You.

[4] Karasuno High School Spring High School Celebration Sticker Gift!
Display of a banner (reduced version) at the entrance of Animate Ikebukuro Main Store at the target store !!
Reserve the target product (with a deposit of 1000 yen or more) and display this banner Take a photo, tweet it with a special hashtag, present it at the cash register, and get a [banner style sticker] !!
Target product: "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1
Installation period: 2020
Applicable stores: January 11 to February 9, 2011 : Animate nationwide (excluding mail order) Privilege
: Banner-like sticker
participation method: Take a picture of a banner and attach the special hashtag "# Karasuno High School Congratulations on Spring High School _animate" Please tweet and show at the cash register.

■ Campaign Details

■ "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" [First edition limited edition] Blu-ray & DVD information

▲ TV Anime "Haikyu !! TO THE TOP" Volume 1 Package Image

Release Date: Volume 1 March 18, 2020 / Volume 2 May 20 / Volume 3 July 15 / Volume 4 September 16th / Vol.5 Nov.18 / Vol.6 Jan. 20, 2021
Price: Blu-ray 9900 yen (tax included), DVD 8800 yen (tax included)

・ 1 volume purchase privilege: B2 advertising Poster
/ Volume 1 ~ 3 linked purchase bonus: newly drawn 3 volume storage BOX (drawing character: Hyuga, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi)
・ Volume 4 ~ 6 linked purchase bonus: newly drawn 3 volume storage BOX (character newly drawn) : Release at a later date)
・ Whole volume purchase bonus: Long double pocket clear file (uses two of the above copyrights)
 Original Sakosh

[Corporate common manufacturer purchase privilege]
・ Blu-ray & DVD1 ~ 3 volume linked purchase manufacturer bonus: Special drama CD "Tokyo Maze Strategy"
"Haikyu II" Showsetsuban‼ Special drama CD based on "東京 Tokyo Maze Strategy"!
◆ Appeared characters
Hyuga, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Sawamura, Higashimine, Sugawara, Kuroo, Kozume

・ Blu-ray & DVD Volume 4 ~ 6 linked purchase Maker bonus: Special drama CD (Details will be released later)

* Ends as soon as the benefits are gone.
* The contents may be changed, postponed or canceled depending on various circumstances. Please note.

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