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B-PROJECT to release "KING of CASTE"


A sequel to the drama CD "KING of CAST-Sneaking Shadow-" of the BIG idol project "B-PROJECT (commonly known as B Pro)" sent by the powerful tag of the comprehensive produce Takanori Nishikawa and the original project, Chiyomaru Shikura, "KING of CASTE" ~ Bird in the Cage ~] will be released on March 25, was announced on the 10th.

“KING of CASTE-Bird in the Cage-” Shishido High School ver

 “KING of CASTE” is a story of a power struggle over the pride of “Phoenix Academy” and “Shishido High School”. In November 2018, the first chapter of the drama “KING of CAST-Sneaking Shadow-”, which had all B-PROJECT members appear, had been released.

 The CD is a jacket version taken by Utako Yukihiro. [Phoenix Academy High School ver.] Limited Edition / Normal Edition, [Shishido High School Ver.] Limited Edition / Normal Edition has 4 forms. New song "Who is the King?" By newly written drama and B-PROJECT. [Phoenix Academy High School ver.] Includes the drama insert song "Catharsis", and [Shishido High School ver.] Includes the drama insert song "I for you".

 As a bonus edition of [Phoenix Academy High School ver.], One can be randomly inserted from all seven can badges (Tomohisa, Ryuji, Kazuna, Momotarou, Hikaru, Tatsuhiro, Mikado). As a special edition of [Shishido High School ver.], One of a total of seven can badges (Goshi, Yuta, Kent, Yuzuki, Haruhi, Akane, Miroku) is randomly enclosed. As a limited edition first-time manufacturer's benefit of each ver., A B2 poster (also used for the same pattern on the jacket and poster for announcement) has been decided.

 Also, on April 11 and 12, the event "LOVE & ART FAMILY MTG2020-HAPPY SPRING PARTY-" will be held, hosted by the brand "LOVE & ART" for girls. At the event, "LOVE & ART CHANNEL FAN MTG" and "B-PROJECT REALMOTION LIVE2020" are scheduled. Tickets, performance information, etc. will be released soon on the special site of "LOVE & ART FAMILY MTG 2020".


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