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Many movie screening events in January such as "Beginning of animation" "Made in Abyss" and "Hiroaka"


The first event topics in 2020 will introduce the animated events for theater screenings in January! Gorgeous casts from anime movies such as `` Theatrical version Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul '', `` Theatrical version Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion, God speed ALFA-X from the future '', to TV animation such as `` My Hero Academia '' 4th term There are many screening events. Let's do "anime beginning" for 20 years on the large screen of the movie theater!

A lot of theater animations were released in January. Following the release of " Made in Abyss The Dawn of the Deep Soul " on January 17, EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku, Grand Cinema Sunshine, Kawasaki Cinecitta on the 18th, TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki on the 19th, Yokohama Burg 13 The stage greetings will be held, with the cast of Miyu Tomita, Mariya Ise, Shiori Izawa, Inori Minase, and Tomoyuki Morikawa set (Morikawa will participate only on the 19th). In addition, M.A.O , Rika Tachibana and Momo Asakura will be presenting the first-day stage greetings of the " Kyoto Archipelago " released on the 10th, and Shiina Natsukawa will be presenting the first-day stage greetings of " Theatrical High School Fleet " to be released on the 18th. , Lynn, Nozomi Furuki and Yukiko Kurose attended. In addition, Ayane Sakura will be on stage at the support screening of “ Theatrical Version Shinkansen Deformation Robo Shinkarion Future God's ALFA-X ” released last December .

And there are many TV anime events. "My Hero Academia" 4th " Hero Intern Climax Special Screening & Talk Event " will be held at United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba. Before and after the episode 76 "Infinity 100%" broadcast on the day of the event, a talk stage by Daiki Yamashita and Kenjiro Tsuda will be unfolded, and the stage pattern will be broadcast live. From the 20th winter animation started in January, Kazuhiko Inoue and Wataru Komada will participate in the "ARP Backstage Pass" preliminary screening , "If you go to Budokan, you will die," 1-3 retrospective screening event + talk event by cast & staff In addition to the event , Nina Tachibana and the original author, Auri Hirao will be attending, as well as an event of "fictional reasoning" (venues and performers will be announced after the first episode broadcast).

■ “The beginning of animation” at movie theaters! Theater screening event in January 2020

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