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"SAO -Ex Chronicle- in KYOTO" new PV release!


The new PV of "SAO-X Chronicle-in KYOTO" to be held in Kyoto from January 31 (Fri) to February 3 (Mon) 2020 has been released. In addition, it was announced that a new audio guide, "Introduction to SAO World Settings by the Original Author, Reki Kawahara (Narration: Yoshijo Matsuoka)" will appear.

"Sword Art Online-X-Chronicle-" was held in Tokyo in August 2019, and enthusiastically encroached on 40,000 visitors. "SAO-X Chronicle-in KYOTO" will be held in Kyoto from January 31 (Fri) to February 3 (Mon) 2020 for four days.
⇒ "Sword Art Online -Ex Chronicle- in KYOTO", Rakuten ticket pre-orders start! The original bonus goods are also released !!

This time, a new PV of "SAO -X Chronicle- in KYOTO" has been released. In addition, it was announced that a new audio guide, "Introduction to SAO World Settings by the Original Author, Reki Kawahara (Narration: Yoshijo Matsuoka)" will appear.

In addition, postcards using illustrations drawn from the Kyoto venue will be randomly distributed as an admission privilege.

Ticket General Reception & Animate Limited Ticket Set is on sale now, so be sure to check it out.

[SAO -X Chronicle- in KYOTO] New PV release: A

new PV has been released that includes recorded footage from the Tokyo venue and images of newly added exhibits and new goods at the Kyoto venue.
Please check the video below.

[Includes new content in audio guide] In the

audio guide by "Sound AR", instead of the staff's commentary that was recorded in the Tokyo version, a new introduction of SAO world setting by original author, Reki Kawahara (narration: Yoshijo Matsuoka) Recorded!
A super valuable audio guide that reads the world setting introduction of each "SAO" series written by the original author for this event by Yoshito Matsuoka, the role of Kirito.

<What is Sound AR?>
A new audio guide using “Sound AR technology” by Sony Corporation, which was well received at the Tokyo venue. By using not only images and information but also <Dual Listening, in which the surrounding sound is blended with the sound being played back>, EX-CHRONICLE's navigator, Seijiro Kikuoka, is familiar to superimpose sound on the outside environment. Character offers a new experience that speaks to you as if you were next to it.
* Sound AR is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

<Voice guide content>

● TV animation display area ... Selectable from the following two types.
(1) "Sodoart / Oirain Business Trip Version" (Cast: Kirito Asuna Yui + Guest)
That program is revived by sound AR !?
Moderator Asuna, commentator Kirito, navigator Yui, and The guest will be greeted with that very popular person, "Sodoart / Olain".

(2) Introduction of SAO world setting by original author, Reki Kawahara (narration: Yoshioka Matsuoka)
Yoshito Matsuoka, the role of Kirito, introduces the world setting of each "SAO" series written by the author himself for the Kyoto venue A dream voice guide to read out is realized!
From Aincrad to Underworld, the realities of each world are revealed for the first time!

● Lars Area: Commentary by Seijiro Kikuoka The
EX-CHRONICLE was held, together with Seijiro Kikuoka, a staff member of the virtual space management section within the communication network of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, looking back on the history of the virtual world.

<How to use> A
dedicated terminal will be rented at the venue on the day of purchase for any of the following tickets currently open to the public.
-Admission ticket with Sound AR: 2,500 yen (tax included)
-Admission ticket with Sound AR & original goods: 4,000 yen (tax included)
* Details of the ticket are listed below.

[Admission bonus postcards are decided to be distributed]

Original postcards (all seven types) using illustrations drawn down at the Kyoto venue will be randomly distributed as entrance privileges!
During the event, any card will be randomly available no matter which ticket or time of day you enter.



[Event Information]
■ "Sword Art Online -Ex Chronicle- in KYOTO"
Period: January 31 (Fri)-February 3 (Mon), 2020
Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center, Event Hall
Official Website: https: //sao-ex-chronicle.com/

<Ticket information>

Sale period: Until 23:59 on Thursday, January 30


▼ Play Guide
Rakuten Ticket: https://ticket.rakuten.co.jp/event/RTM1SOA/Seven
Ticket: http://7ticket.jp/s/081301/dTicket
Pia: https://t.pia.jp /pia/event/event.do?eventBundleCd=b1946091
Ticket Board: https://ticket.tickebo.jp/pc/saokyoto2020_ip/

A special ticket with a set of original clear files limited to Animate is on sale in limited quantities!
What if this ticket! Admission at any time during the period! ! (* Excluding some frames)
・ Animate Special Ticket Set: 2,000 yen (tax included)

<Content of the set>
Normal admission ticket + original clear file (using the X-ray main visual drawn by abec)

<Sales information>
 WEB: On sale 23:59 on January 18 (Sat): Now
 on sale-Thursday, January 30
・ Stores: Tennoji store, Sannomiya store, Kyoto store, Osaka Nihonbashi store, Umeda store, Avanti Kyoto store, Animate mail order
and sales Page: https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/pn/pd/1738676/

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