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Another world fantasy "Spider, what?", TV anime will be broadcast in 2020!


The animation of the light novel "Spider, What?", An animation project, was decided during 2020. It was also revealed that popular voice actor Yuki Aoi was overtaken as the protagonist "I".

"What is a spider?" Is a TV anime based on a light novel by the same name by Ms. Baba, serialized in "Kadokawa Books" since 2015. It was comicalized in the same year.

⇒ "What's a spider?" Original author and illustrator comments are also available

A former human high school girl, "I," is reincarnated as a spider, the weakest monster in another world. The hero has been reincarnated in a dungeon, where poisonous frogs, large snakes, and giant monkeys live.

In addition, the official website and Twitter will be opened, and new information will be released here at any time.

■ "What is a spider?"

・ To be aired in 2020
・ Original: Babao
・ "I": Aoki Yuki

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