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"Theatrical animation produced by one person" latest work "Amrita's Feast" teaser visual arrives


The teaser poster visuals have arrived from "Arnnie's Insect Basket", the latest production of "Theatrical Animation Made Alone" and also the latest work of director Saku Sakamoto, " Amrita's Feast " (to be released in 2021).

"Amrita's Feast" is a spin-off project on the day before "Aranje's Insect Basket" starring Kana Hanazawa . The story of a new heroine's high school girl, Tamaki, involved in a new ghost is set in a giant apartment complex.
Saku Sakamoto is in charge of the director, animation, music, original work, and script, following the previous work, and this time again he is working alone on the entire animation production process. The voice actor is undecided, but casting is in progress and will be announced at a later date.

The completion and release of Amrita's Feast is scheduled for 2021.
Also, at the event " The world of feature-length animation to be created by yourself-" Aranje's insect cage "and Saku Sakamoto " held in Tokyo and Shibuya for free until January 19th, director Saku Sakamoto on 13th and 19th, 11th・ On the 12th and 18th, producer Osamu Fukutani will explain the exhibits and unpublished materials, as well as the latest information on "Amrita's Feast" and behind the scenes of the production.

Free event "The world of feature-length animation made by yourself-" Aranje's insect cage "and Sakamoto Saku exhibition"
[Price] Free admission
[Period] -January 19, 2020 (Sunday)
    13:00-21:00 (Date)
( Open all day) [Screening schedule] (Admission free / daily)
`` Arane's Insect Cage '' (2018)
13:05 15:05 17:05 19:05
Sakamoto Saku's short editorial `` Mysterious '' (2000), `` Fisherman '' (2002)
14:25 16:25 18 : 25 20:25
[Place] Takagi Building Room 412 Room_412, 15-8 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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