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Why is the teacher here !? (Japanese anime)


Animated manga of the same name by Recruitment Row, which has surpassed 850,000 copies of Comics. A love comedy depicting the high school life of a female teacher and a male student. In a situation called “Why here !?” that cannot occur in ordinary school life, she gets caught up in horny incidents one after another. The original is an omnibus format in which a set of stories is drawn for each volume.

Start time:Spring 2019On-air date:April 7, 2019-June 23, 2019
Production company:Tier StudioGenre:Romantic comedy

Voice actor: Sumire UESAKA , Suzuki崚汰 , Yuko Goto , Toshiki Masuda , Shizuka Ishigami , Kazuomi Yamamoto , Yamamoto hope , Yusuke Kobayashi

staff: General Director: Open Kaneko, Director: Toshikatsu Tokoro, character design in-Chief Animation Director: Kazuhiko Tamura, Screenplay: Takabayashi Yuki / Fujimaru Yuri, Art Director: hidehide, Art set: Ryusuke Shiino, color design: Koichi Furukawa, composite Director: Yoshikazu Miyagawa, Editor: Keisuke Yanagi, Music: Gin, Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita, Sound Effects: Shota Yaso, Sound Production: Kanon Close

Why is the teacher here!? --- A series of naughty happenings full of lasting feelings of teachers and high school boys full of adult charm that occur in various places. The more you know the surprising real faces of the teachers that you do not normally show, the more you like them! High school life with cute teachers who are “amayu” and “tayutayu” drawn in extreme situations!

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