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“Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal” Episode 1 advance cut


From the TV anime "The Jeweler Richard's Mystery Judgment", a synopsis / precedence cut of the first episode "Justice of Pink Sapphire" broadcast from Thursday, January 9 has arrived.

"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Key Visual [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]The original of "Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" was authored by Nanako Tsujimura and painting by Utako Yukihiro. Jewel Mystery. 

The story begins with a college student, Masayoshi Nakata, who helped a beautiful foreigner, Richard, who was involved in a drunk night. Justice, who knows that Richard is a jeweler, asks him to identify an exuberant ring he stashes until his grandmother dies. Richard's identification revealed her past, truth, and thoughts. In the wake of this, Justice worked as a part-time job at the jewelry store "Jewelry Etranger" in Ginza, where Richard is the owner, but "Etranger" brought various "mysteries" every day.Episode 1 "Justice of Pink Sapphire" Pre-cut [Click on the image to go to the photo gallery]

InEpisode 1, Masayoshi Nakata, a sophomore at Kasaba University, helps a foreigner who gets drunk one day. Wavy golden hair, blue eyes, clear skin. 

The person who speaks Japanese without stagnation was Richard, a jeweler with a strong presence in Japan and overseas.

Episode 1 "Justice of Pink Sapphire" preceding cut [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]Richard, who was thanked by "Friend of Justice" and Richard, decided to identify the deceased grandmother and the ring of Pink Sapphire. request. Eventually, Richard reveals the mystery of the ring.

"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Key Visual (C) Nanako Tsujimura / Shueisha Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal Production Committee




Episode 1 "Justice of Pink Sapphire" precedent cut [Click the image to go to the photo gallery]
TV anime "Judge Merchant Richard's Mystery Appraisal" Episode 1 "Justice of Pink Sapphire" is January 9, 2020 ) From TOKYO MX, BS11, etc.

TV anime "Mystery appraisal of jeweler Richard"

-TOKYO MX January 9 (Thu) every Thursday 24:00
-BS11 January 9 (Thurs) every Thursday 24:00
-AT-X January 9th (Thu) every Thursday 23:30-* Repeat broadcast available
-WOWOW January 15 (Wed) every Wednesday 24:30-* Episode 1 is free broadcast
* Broadcast time may be changed due to circumstances .

-dTV Every Thursday, January 9 (Thursday) 24:30-* Advance distribution 
-GYAO! January 9 (Thursday) every Thursday 24: 30 ~ ※ preceding delivery 
※ also order delivery in other distribution site.

Original work: Nanako Tsujimura "Judge Merchant Richard's Mystery Appraisal" (Shueisha Orange Bunko)
Director: Taro Iwasaki   
Composition / Screenplay: Mariko Kunizawa
Character Original Draft: Utako Yukihiro
Character Design / Overall Drawing Director: Natsuko Kondo
Supervision: Kawazoe Masakazu
art: Mio Isshiki
color design: Ritsuko Utagawa
CG producer: Norikazu Kanbayashi
jewelry supervision: Naokazu Kudo (Japan jewelry patent appraisal Association)
photography: Tomoyuki Shiokawa
eDIT: Daisuke Imai
acoustic Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Nobuko Toda
animation production: Shunatsu other

Richard Ranashinha-Dovurupian CV. Takahiro Sakurai   
Masayoshi Nakata CV. Uchida Stallion
Akiko Tanimoto CV. Kana Hanazawa
Shimomura HareRyo CV. Yuichi Iguchi other

<special program delivery information>
TV anime "jeweler Richard's mystery verification" broadcast just before specials
"jewelry・ Etrangier ”Opening Party
* Nico Nico Live Broadcast will be revival delivery !!
Date: Thursday, January 9, 2020 22: 30-
Starring: Takahiro Sakurai (Richard Rana Shinha Dvrupian), Yuma Uchida (Masayoshi Nakata) ), MC: Tianjin

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