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`` Peter Grill and the Time of the Sage '' broadcast in July


"Peter Grill and the Time of the Sage", which animates Daisuke Hiyama's fantasy comedy manga, will be broadcast in July. Start with TOKYO MX and others.

Originally serialized in "Monthly Action" (published by Futabasha), Peter Grill, who survived the fighting festival and obtained the strongest title on the ground, to get married to senior judge Ruveria Sanctus of the Yakappachi warrior guild, various races Women aiming at the strongest genes, and reluctantly have a relationship one after another. The book will be released on January 10 in the latest volume 5.

An animated teaser visual featuring Peter, the protagonist, with Mimi of Ogre and Alpacas of Lisa, Vegan Eldriel of High Elf, and Piglet Pancetta of Oak is also released.

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