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A blessing to this wonderful world! Red Legend (Japanese anime)


Start time:Summer 2019Screening start date:August 30, 2019
Production company:JCSTAFFGenre:Fantasy / Comedy

Voice actor: Jun Fukushima , Amamiya Ten , Riyo Takahashi , Ai Chino , Yui Horie , Aio Toyosaki
staff: Director: Takaomi Kanazaki, Screenplay: Makoto Kamiesu, Character Design ... View All

Kazuma Sato, who loves games that was supposed to close the curtain of life due to a traffic accident (!?), Decided to reincarnate the goddess Aqua in a different way. "In a different world like an RPG game, enjoy the life of an adventurous adventurer! Aim to be a brave man!" A troubled goddess, Aqua, a magician who broke the middle two diseases, Megmin, a delusion nonstop woman knight, Dakness Debts can't turn their heads, they can be tried on charges of overthrowing the state, they can defeat executives of the Demon King's army, and they sometimes die. One day, a bomb onset of the Scarlet Devil group of girl-Yun'yun was rushed Kazuma us in saying freezing. "I want Kazuma-san's child!" According to the circumstances, Megumin and Yun Yun's birthplace, "Koma no Sato," is in danger of extinction. After chasing Yun-Yun who has traveled to save the village, Kazuma and others head to the village of Red Demon-! ? The biggest crisis that attacks Kazuma party! Which is the future of a different world life spent by the ordinary adventurer Kazuma! ? close


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