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"Rena Ueda's birthday planning! Addictive character popularity voting" started!


Voice actor Reina Ueda celebrating her birthday on January 17th. To celebrate that birthday, Akiba Research Institute's official voting project “Reina Ueda's birthday! Popular voting for addictive characters” started on January 8, 2020 (Wednesday). The voting period will be one week until January 14 (Tuesday). Anyone can vote, so please feel free to vote.

Speaking of Reina Ueda, she is one of the talented female voice actors who has been prominent in recent years. 

Both protagonists and supporting characters have a variety of skills, and they are capable of acting in a variety of voices, from pretty girls to slightly mature women. 

Especially in the past two years, more and more stars have been playing the leading role in the hit work. Character is brilliantly played. Recently, I became a fan of Ueda! Maybe there are quite a few people?

We would like you to vote for the character that seems to be the addictive role of Ueda Rena. You can vote up to 7 votes per person, so you can stick to the character you like or vote little by little on a wide range of characters.

Deadline is until Tuesday, January 14. We look forward to your vote!

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